My Time Capsule: Taiwan: Brings Back My Childhood Memories


Taiwan: Brings Back My Childhood Memories

Taiwan, July 2009

Wen Wu temple

Sun Moon Lake

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

with aboriginal native Taiwanese people

Janfunsun Fancyworld

so cute, I really want to kidnap this cat :p

Fo Guang Shan, 120 metres high  Budha statue surrounded by 480 golden Budha statues

Kaohsiung ferris wheels

Hello Kitty interior :D

food heaven, Kaohsiung Shilin market

dragon and tiger pagoda, Kaohsiung

Lotus lake pagoda

Lotus lake temple

beautiful east coast of Taiwan

private hot spring spa in room at Luminous hot spring resort, Taitung

Taroko Gorge

Taroko gorge temple

new boyfriend from Taiwan :p

releasing sky lantern after writing down our wish on it

Taiwan hand puppets show

Shangri-la farmstay at Yilan


scenery from Chiufen

on the way to Yehliu

Yehliu Geopark

Wulai cable car station

visiting Teresa Teng's grave

the guard at Marty's Shrine

Taipei Marty's Shrine

Taipei 101 mall

Taipei 101, the view from our hotel's rooftop

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