My Time Capsule: January 2016


2015 In A Nutshell

Looking back at 2015, it was the year of fighting.
I struggled against the phobias, insecurities and depression.
It was so intense that I decided to be away from social media world. Instead I forced myself to meet new people in the real life. Not an easy thing to do since I'm naturally a shy person. My zero confidence level didn't help too since I kept hearing people said "you are fat" which made me even more depress. So yeah, there was time when I kinda shut down from the world and lived inside my cocoon.

But then I realised that life is too precious to be wasted.
I seek help from a psychologist to cure my phobias through hypnotherapy sessions.
I started to join yoga class to find my inner peace and learn to be more relax.
I hired a kickboxing personal trainer so I can punch and kick my weakness away.
I exercised regularly at gym to build stronger body muscle and to achieve a healthier body shape that I had a long time ago.

It was a rough journey but I guess that shaped me into a stronger person.
As for travelling, I did slow it down until I feel better and back on the track again.
Here's my recap of my 2015

January - Dubai

Airbus 380 window seat
Kicked off the first day of 2015 by flying from Zurich, Switzerland to Dubai, UAE. It was the end of my family holiday in Europe and on the way back home we spent couple days in Dubai.

March - Bali

Grand Nikko Bali

Bali foodies
Had a great chit chat over delicious food with a bunch of awesome Bali foodies. It was great to get to know some new friends :)

April - Jakarta

delicious food adventures with beautiful friends in Jakarta
Flied to Jakarta to attend some events and catch up with some blogger friends. I also did a food marathon all over Jakarta. Let's say I did taste over 15 different food in a day. Yes, that's possible for me, lol!

May - Bangkok

attending my cousin's traditional Thai wedding in Bangkok

July - Bali, Malang, Singapore

John Hardy Ubud

Watu Ondo Waterfall, Malang

Batu Bengkung Beach


August - Tuban

Kwan Sing Bio Temple

sunset in Tuban
An impulsive day trip to Tuban which is about 4 hours away from Malang. Just because I wanted to taste their famous Kare Rajungan (Portunidae, a family of crabs which is cooked in super spicy curry sauce) and Sate Mentok (duck satay)

November - Vietnam

mesmerised by the beauty of Halong Bay
It was my birth month so I decided to give myself a little reward after all the efforts. I had a wonderful time with my family in Vietnam, my 45th country visited :)

Last but not least I dyed my hair red because just like the red in Indonesian flag it stands for courage, boldness or fearlessness. It may sounds odd but the hair colour change did boost my confidence.
So hello there, 2016! I'm so ready for the new adventures and the bad-ass version of Debbzie :)


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