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Croatia: A Secluded Eden (Nudist Beach) In Lokrum Island

Dubrovnik, August 2013

*this post contains some x-rated images, please feel free to leave if it makes you uncomfortable :p 

"Whoa, what's that? A white naked butt?" Rubbing my eyes in disbelief, I then approaching the ship captain to get some explanations. "Hey, Captain! Is that really a naked man standing on the rock or am I seeing a ghost?"

The bearded captain laughed so hard before answering, "You silly young lady, of course he's a real person. Look! There are more of them in that island. It's called the nudist beach of Lokrum island. Do you want to join them, Dear?"

"Nope, not today." I grinned cheekily, whip my camera out and snapped some pictures.

Lokrum island


Dubrovnik certainly has so much to offer other than the charming Old Town which could be too crowded during the peak season. It was around midday when I decided to join a boat tour in order to find some quiet moments while absorbing the beauty of this coastal city from the sea. I thought a one hour boat tour around the city and Lokrum island would be a great idea to rest my weary legs.

Covered in pine trees, the island is actually a perfect hideaway to spend a relaxing day for swimming or sunbathing. There are also some sites to explore like a botanical garden and the ruins of a monastery. The captain told me that some scenes of 'Game of Thrones' were filmed in this island. My boat didn't dock in the island so I can't really tell you about it.

sail the boat

city walls

sea cave beach in Dubrovnik

enjoying the sea breeze

After about 15 minutes, the boat was approaching Lokrum island and I noticed a naked man was relaxing on a rock. When it became closer I could see there were actually more than 20 people in the 'so called beach', sunbathing and swimming without any clothes on. Just like what I've imagined about Eden where naked women and men are wandering freely, minus the snake and forbidden fruit. Some of them immediately turned their body away from my boat while others didn't seem to care about exposing their 'you know what'. One guy even swam toward my boat as if he demanded more attention, lol.

nudist beach in Lokrum island

zooming in....zooming in. Okay, enough! :p

a cute tipping box

back to the harbour


Lokrum island and Dubrovnik from above

Next time you are in Dubrovnik, you might interested in visiting Lokrum island and join them if you want to. Or else the boat ride itself was pretty an enjoyable experience. There are numerous routes to choose from the ticket booths in the harbour. For me Dubrovnik is really a beautiful city and I took abundant pictures that's impossible to fit in only one post. So please stay tuned for more post, aye! I promise there will be no x-rated pictures in the next post. Cheers!


Indonesia: Museum Angkut - A Haven For Vehicle Lovers

Malang, April 2014

"Dudu, please take us to Museum Angkut," asked my adorable nephews. Only God knows why all my nephews call me 'Dudu' :p

"Museum Angkut? What's that?" I gave them a puzzled look.

"It's a new transportation museum, Dudu. Let's go there, pleaseeeeee."

Of course I don't have a heart to say 'no' to those cheerful kids and also it's been long since I've done a sightseeing in my hometown, so off we went. The tourist industry in Malang has grown rapidly over the years, specially in Batu area. Thanks to Jawa Timur Park Group who has opened Jawa Timur Park 1 and 2, Batu Night Spectacular, Batu Secret Zoo + Museum Satwa, Eco Green Park and now the latest is Museum Angkut  & Movie Star Studio which still in soft opening stage.

Museum Angkut, Malang

Opened on 9 March 2014, Museum Angkut is now a house for more than 300 vehicles. Yes, any kind transportation you could imagine from traditional to modern, they even display Chrysler Windsor Deluxe which belonged to Indonesia's former president, Soekarno. A lot of those vehicle were brought directly from their home countries such as Germany, USA, Italy, UK, etc. It's the first and largest transportation museum in Indonesia (even in South East Asia if I'm not mistaken). I love how they creatively arranged the vehicles based on particular theme in each zone. More vehicles will soon complement this museum including a Boeing 737 aircraft, trains and ships.

Gangster & Broadway zone

snack bar
traditional transportation

Batavia zone

Pecinan (Chinatown) zone

Italy zone

France zone

Germany zone

a unique rattan car

hi there! :D

super tall English soldiers 
England zone

welcome to Hollywood!
When we reached Hollywood zone which is the same area as Movie Star Studio, we were greeted by the humongous Hulk figure. Alexio and Adrian, my nephews were jumping up and down with joy getting up close with their favourite movie figures. Ahhh, kids are so easy to please :)
While not all figures looks exactly the same like the real movie stars but still, it's a great spot to take lots of selfie. One reminder though, try to avoid weekends or public holiday if you're not too keen being in a crowded place like me. You'd have plenty of time to take good pictures without have to jostle with other visitors.

Brangelina, is that really you? :p

meet your favourite celebrity

Pasar Apung (floating market)

Before leaving the museum, I spent sometime in Pasar Apung area. There are plenty of stalls selling traditional food. Me love! I went crazy to taste some of the food which are hard to find nowadays. Other than food, there are also souvenir, toy, clothes and trinket stalls. I think the prices are very reasonable considering it's a touristy spot. Oh! and try not to miss the sampan ride (traditional small boat) around Pasar Apung which cost only IDR 10.000 per person. All in all it was a really fun day in Museum Angkut. Glad to find another place in my hometown where people not only being entertained but also learning something new and enjoying the beautiful scenery around Batu area.

sampan ride

Museum Angkut & Movie Star Studio
Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung no. 2, Batu-Malang
Phone: 0341-595007
Opening hours: 12 pm - 20 pm
Ticket: Monday-Thursday IDR 50.000 *** Friday-Sunday & public holiday IDR 75.000
(Also you have to pay IDR 30.000 for your camera)

FREEBIES!!! Bought these Museum Angkut T-shirts for you. Simply just leave your email address and twitter on the comment box bellow :) (closed)

Congratz to the winners @noerazhka @awardeean @dewirossa

brown red purple


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