My Time Capsule: July 2012


Hong Kong: Ocean Park

Hong Kong, December 2011 

Ocean Park is a place that always makes me smile from ear to ear, besides the Hong Kong food.  It’s my favourite theme park in Hong Kong. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for my Dad’s day off during the business trip, hoping he would take me to Ocean Park. The location is by the sea with breathtaking scenery. I love taking the cable car which connects 2 major areas of the park ( the Summit and the Waterfront ). But as much as I love being in a theme park, I hardly take any rides. Especially something like roller coaster thingy, because I'm easily prone to motion sickness. Boo hoo :(

It had been sometimes that I didn't visit this park during my yearly trip to Hong Kong. So I was excited to see what's new in this park. It was not a smart idea to visit on Christmas day though because the park was so crowded and there were long queues everywhere. But in the other hand it looked really pretty with all the Christmas decorations.

colourful Christmas theme

cable car ride

stunning view from the terrace cafe

Dolphin show in Ocean theatre, my all time favourite

I noticed from the map that they have some new sites in the park. One of them is Giant Panda Adventure where you can see closely the famous giant panda from China. They are very adorable creatures. I couldn't get enough looking at their behaviour, moving slowly to find some food. And their latest residents was Red Pandas. I've never seen any red pandas before. I think they looks like raccoon but in ginger coloured hair. Sorry I don't have the picture here. I did try to snap some pictures but it was too crowded, I only managed to shot  hundreds people in front of me *sigh*

the giant panda

My other favourite part of the park is the Grand Aquarium. It feels like diving into the ocean or walking through the underworld. With more than 5000 fish from 400 different species swimming gracefully around you. So tranquil, I really love the feeling.
There are some level in the Grand Aquarium; from touch pool, reef tunnel, gigantic swirl tank, bubble tunnel to a stunning 13m wide acrylic viewing panel in the end.

gigantic aquarium

sharks swim above you

Before leaving the park, don't miss the Symbio or water dragon show, next to the dancing fountain in the Waterfront. This splendid show which combines lights, sound effect, water, fire and fireworks is held every night at 7. You need to be in the Lagoon at least 20 minutes before 7 if you want to grab a good spot to watch the show.

If you need more information about Hong Kong Ocean Park, please visit their web:


Austria: Vienna the City of Music

Vienna, September 2011

Honestly I didn't really enjoy my time in Vienna. I mean it's a beautiful city and very artsy but I felt "blah" when I was there. I didn't expect that because after highschool I really wanted to study in one of music academy in Vienna, as I had been learning piano since I was 7. But eventually I went to study culinary arts in Switzerland instead. Yeah I'm not sure what's wrong, perhaps I should blame the weather. It was raining and cloudy the whole day. I always feel gloomy in such weather *sigh*
Hopefully you enjoy some of my shots here:

Schonbrunn Palace

Neptune fountain

National History Museum

Maria Theresa square

Queen Maria Theresa statue

lunch at Einstein cafe

the city of music

I always greet every dogs that I meet  :)

view from the top of St. Stephan's Cathedral

What do you think about Vienna?


Travel updates: Canada

Canada is beautiful! I love it so much , I feel like moving here. Stunning scenery and lovely people, I couldn't ask for more. The only downside is the weather, so unpredictable. Changes every minute from sunny to windy to raining. Quite crazy, I might say.
I'm at Vancouver airport right now. Waiting for my flight back home, then connect to another flight to Singapore. I need to take my Dad for a health check up in Singapore hospital. Hopefully everything will be OK so I can be home soon and work on a real blogpost :p
Wish you all a great weekend ahead. Cheers !


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