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Thailand: True Love (Husky) Cafe In Bangkok

Bangkok, May 2015

hello, handsome!

"Welcome to True Love cafe! I hope you are having fun with the Huskies." Choty, the owner greeted me with a friendly smile at registration desk.

Being overly excited, I arrived in the cafe earlier than the time slot so I had to wait outside for a while. Bangkok was at its hottest day around 38 C or maybe more. Normally I would have fainted from the heatstroke or become a cranky bitch because just like Siberian Huskies, I don't get along well with hot weather. Surprisingly I was so energetic bouncing here and there wanting to pet every huskies in the cafe. Yes, I love dogs so much. They never fail to lift up my mood :)

love this coffee ice cream!

There's no admission fee but you will have to order one set menu. Dessert set (ice cream or cake and drink), Full set (main course, dessert and drink) or Special set (main course, dessert and drink). Price range started from 300 bath per set menu. Earlier I've just had a big bowl of jumbo prawn tom yum noodle in P'aor restaurant so I ordered the dessert menu. After all ice cream is the best cure for a hot day, no?

snacking time! we loooove carrots

Before entering the playground, every visitors have to take off their shoes and wear a pair of plastic cover for our feet. After washing my hands and use hand sanitiser, it was then play time. YAY! There are more than 20 Huskies in True Love cafe. All of them are friendly and well groomed. Though don't feel rejected as they won't approach when you call them. Huskies are independent dogs and they don't feel the urge to always please their people. I live with 11 dogs at home. One of them is a Husky Malamute and 5 more are mixed breed Husky Kintamani. So I'm completely aware and I'm so used to being ignored sometimes, lol.

can I take you home? :p

pet me, scratch me

selfie? Ow yeah, I'm so good at this 

Once they are happy and drained of energy after playing and running around, now it's time to whip out your camera and do a selfie or wefie. Would I recommend you to visit this cafe? Absolutely! Specially if you love dogs like I do. I had so much fun interacting with these beauties. Watching them munching some carrots and ice cubes or just simply sitting next to them and stroking their fluffy fur. I will surely be back to True Love cafe again on my next visit to Bangkok.

I'm cool like that


opening hours

True Love Cafe
153 Paholyothin Soi Ari
Samphan 2 Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 090-101-9669
BTS: Ari Station


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