My Time Capsule: March 2016


Indonesia: Cats and Coffee Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, March 2016

Junot, the sleeping beauty

When I visit an eatery, ordering and paying my food but then completely forget to eat it....unquestionable there must be some cute animals involved. It happened before when I visited True Love (Husky) Cafe in Bangkok last year. I ordered a portion of ice cream and leave it sit on table for hours until it turned into a bowl of warm milk because I was too busy playing with the huskies. Oh well! I went back to the hotel with an empty stomach but a very happy face. Rarely happens since I usually I become an angry ogre when I'm hungry :p

whatcha lookin' at?

Aaaand it happened again on my recent visit to Cats and Coffee. Last year when I found out that my friend opened a cat cafe in Yogyakarta, I made a promise to visit it when I'm in town. I mean, who wouldn't want to be accompanied by these cute and fluffy felines while sipping a cup of coffee? Leslie, my 16 years old Persia cat has gone to cat heaven a few months back. So I thought it would be nice to be able to cuddle a cat again. Adopting another cat is not an option at the moment because now I live with 11 dogs at home.

Cats and Coffee

prizes from some cat competitions 

Luna is enjoying massage, she's purring loud :))

As soon as I entered the door, I got a sudden feeling of euphoria for seeing a number of adorable cats inside. In total they have 16 cats in various breeds from domestic cat, Persia cat, Maine coon, Himalayan to Munchkin cat which is a relatively new breed of cat characterised by its very short legs. Most probably you won't meet them all in once though because the cats in this cafe have some kind of 'work shift'. In some period of time the staff will bring some cats inside and take another out.

I'm chillin' yo


Lil' J the 1st Munchkin cat in Yogyakarta

zzzzz....stop taking pictures already! lemme sleep...zzzz

I was having so much fun examining their behaviour and personality. Some cats are very active and playful while the others couldn't care less about your presence and continuing their nap. Just remember who is the boss, cats appreciate attention but only when they want it, lol.

very chubby Luna

hellow, Upik!

one last kiss before going home :p

Tarius is so handsome he will be the next top cat model :D

Please bear in mind that there's some rules here:
1. Take off your footwear and place it in shoe cabinet before entering the cafe
2. Don't forget to sanitise your hand with the provided hand sanitiser
3. Don't touch the cats when they are eating
4. Camera flash is not allowed
5. Don't feed the cats
6. No violence towards the cats

Last but not least, don't pretend to accidentally put those adorable kitty inside your bag pack and take them home with you. Honestly, I was tempted to do so :p

Would I recommend this cafe? Absolutely! Specially if you are an avid cat lover. I'm pretty sure you would want to spend hours in this cosy cat cafe.
Meow you there! :)

Cats and Coffee 
Jalan Bougenvile no 1 (selokan Mataram)
Gejayan - Yogyakarta
Opening hours: 2 pm to 11 pm
Price range: Rp 17.000 to Rp 32.000


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