My Time Capsule: April 2013


Germany: Touching the Dream at BMW Museum

Munich, September 2011

I'm not an automotive geek so I wasn't too enthusiastic about visiting BMW museum in Munich. "What's so interesting about a museum full of cars anyway?" The thought was crossing on my mind while on the way to the museum. It's true that I started driving a car and got my first driving license when I was 13 years old (yeah, it's quite common in my country :p). But I've never driven any BMW cars before. Only some affordable Japanese brand cars. And I've never really been too keen on learning the trends nor latest car models, etc.

Anyway my mood lit up as soon as I reached the silver futuristic building, "Whoa! The architecture looks kinda cool!". And the interior is even more impressive. It felt like entering an ultra modern world from another century. The museum shows BMW's technical development throughout the company's history. It contains engines and turbines, aircraft, motorcycles, and vehicles in a plethora of possible variations. In addition to actual models there are futuristic-looking, even conceptual studies from the past 20 years.

I started to enjoy exploring all of the 25 exhibition areas with many kind of vehicles to admire at. I found myself to be more interested mostly in those vintage vehicles, an old soul I am. I love how they display all the vehicles with no guardrail. You could touch and take picture next to the vehicles. I overheard one of the staff was saying something like "Children will be our (BMW) future customer , so they must allow to touch their dream". How lovely, right ?

And since I'm not an expert in explaining about car models and details, I'll leave these pictures below caption less. Which one is your favourite car ?

I want this car ! :D

BMW Museum
BMW Museum
Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 München
Tue–Sun: 10 am to 6 pm
Public holidays: 10 am to 6 pm
9.00 € single entrance


Netherlands: Postcard From Holland

The Netherlands, March 2012

I was in Amsterdam to help my sister pack up her stuff before moving back home to Indonesia for good. After all the packing thingy has done, I still had couple days to visit places like Volendam and Keukenhoff or just wander around Amsie (that's how I call Amsterdam :p). Last time I went to Amsie was in early 2000 and after more than 10 years, I didn't see any significant changes in the city. Of course there are some new buildings but I love the way they restore those beautiful old buildings.

Here's a bunch of my favourite pictures of Holland.....I hope you like them :)

Welcome to Amsterdam

Smits Koffiehuis, Amsterdam Central


A fishing village called Volendam is a popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands, well known for its old fishing boats and the traditional clothing still worn by some residents.There are many cafes and souvenir shops along the main street. I sat in one of the cafes and sampling their speciality which are assorted delicious seafood while watching the fisherman's activities also the boats come and go through beautiful harbour. People around me were chatting, singing and laughing. Everyone was in a good mood enjoying the sun and sea breeze.

pretty bells

traditional Dutch costume photo studio

fishing village of Volendam

St. Vincent's Church in Volendam

Volendam Harbour

let's ride a bicycle

Central Hoorn

Sunset in Hoorn

Which one is your favourite ?


Canada: The Rockies and Athabasca Glacier

Canada, July 2012

Have you ever made a flight delayed and the whole passengers waiting inside the plane because of you? I have! The chaos started with a phone call from my travel agent the previous afternoon...

Travel agent: "Hello Miss, I'm calling to inform that the embassy hasn't issued your visa yet

Me: "What do you mean? My flight is tomorrow morning at 9"

Travel agent: "According to the embassy, it's a peak season and there's a huge pile of passports applying for the visa. Your parents' visas are already issued. Unfortunately your passport somehow tucked somewhere in the pile so they missed to stick the visa on your passport"

Me: "Do you mean my application is denied?"

Travel agent: "No. Your visa is granted and they will issue your visa tomorrow morning at 7"

Me: "This is ridiculous! How can I get my passport back on time before my flight?"

Travel agent: "Don't worry, we have a courier ready to deliver your passport to the airport tomorrow"

I had an instant headache after the phone call. I have to prepare myself for the worst that could happen. I mean I've paid the flight tickets, the hotels and the cruise to Alaska. And I was so close to lose them all if my passport is not delivered on time.

The next morning, I was ready at 6 in the airport waiting anxiously. By 7.30 my parents were already done with check in and immigration. I was waiting outside with some people from my travel agent. At 8.45 I heard the announcement calling my name for the last call when I saw the courier was running frantically handing my passport to some airport officers. Then they ran ahead me and asked to to follow them. I handed my suitcase to check in desk which they quickly put a "Priority" sign. Some officers escorted me to special immigration desk so I didn't need to queue. After less than 5 seconds immigration process, they asked me to board an airport cart and rushed me to the gate. At 8.55 I boarded the plane and the stewardess closed the door behind me. I walked through the aisle while most passengers were staring at me. I didn't know whether I should bow or waving my hand like a Miss Universe greet her fans. Finally the plane took off after a 10 minutes delay and the culprit

Canadian Rockies view from the bus
My itinerary in Canada included a road trip along the Canadian Rockies. The scenery along the road is drop dead gorgeous that I instantly forgot about the pre-departure drama. The Canadian Rockies have numerous high peaks and ranges,the are composed of shale and limestone. Much of the range is protected by parks and a World Heritage Site.

It was summer but the weather was a bit chill with unpredictable rains and strong winds. That day, from Revelstoke we were heading towards Banff with a first stop at Bow Lake. It is one of the lakes that line the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. The rain suddenly poured really hard when we got there so I couldn't take many pictures of the beautiful lake.

Bow Lake

the Athabasca Glacier

Arrived in Athabasca Glacier around noon so we had a buffet lunch in the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre. We then took a bus to the edge of the glacier and boarded into a massive Brewster Ice Explorer. I've never ridden that kind of vehicle before, so I was really excited. The 80 minute journey was lead by an experienced driver-guide, who shared a wealth of fascinating information about glaciers, icefields and their impact on our environment. The journey was thrilling when we had to pass a very steep glacier but fun in the same time. It's like riding a roller coaster minus the high speed.

Ice Explorer, the coolest vehicle I've ever ridden

the journey

fighting the strong wind, rain and cold for this picture :)

The Ice Explorer made a stop at one area of the glaciers and all the passenger were allowed to hop off and step out onto the glacier and stand on this powerful ancient ice. Beware though, because it's very slippery. And again for the second time of that day the rain and strong wind intruded. It was so cold that I could hardly feel my hands. After some quick pictures, I hop on back to the Ice Explorer .

this clear blue water is drinkable

it's summer, so it's normal to be shirtless :p

me and Jojo were soaking wet

Peyto Lake, the bluest glacier lake

On the way to Banff, we made a stop at Peyto Lake, the bluest glacier lake in Canada. It's located in Banff National Park near Bow Summit and was named after Bill Peyto who was a historical trapper and trail guide in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Peyto Lake gets it's beautiful turquoise green colour from glacial silt created by Peyto Glacier and the Wapta Icefield.


It was too early for dinner, so we checked into our hotel before wandering around the town. Banff is a resort town and one of Canada's most popular tourist destinations, known for its mountainous surroundings and hot springs. Along the main street, you can easily find any kind of souvenir shops and restaurants. It was my first time visiting Banff but I feel an instant "homey" feeling in the first minutes. I don't know maybe it's the cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Or maybe it's the people who mostly are very friendly and would talk to you like an old friend. I'm in love with this town, I can even picture myself living here.


Indonesia: A Piece of Paradise in Malang

I was born in Malang, east Java and spent some of my childhood in this lovely town. But I've never heard about Goa Cina beach before. Goa Cina roughly means China cave in English. So when my Dad said "Hey, there's a public holiday next week, let's go to Goa Cina" And I was like "Are we going to China ? But Dad, we need to apply the visa, right?" My Dad reaction was "..............." *facepalm*

the hidden paradise

Goa Cina beach is located in, desa Sitiarjo, kecamatan Sumbermanjing Wetan, south Malang. It's 70 kilometres from Malang or about 2 hours drive. It's off the beaten path, so the last 1 km before the beach, please expect a very bumpy ride. There are also some other beach nearby like Tamban beach, Sendang Biru beach and Bajul Mati beach.

I heard that it's called Goa Cina because there was a Chinese monk who was imprisoned in a cave located on the seafront. Long after that someone found his bones and Chinese letters written on the ceiling of the cave along with a bowl. Nowadays some people would stay overnight inside the cave for meditation or to get a lucky number for lottery.

Actually when Dad mentioned that it's close to Sendang Biru beach, I quickly recognise the area. Because when I was a kid, Dad used to take me there every weekend for overnight camping and fishing trip. Yeah, unlike other girls who love to play with dolls or some girly stuffs, I'd rather spending my time outdoor enjoying the nature and wildlife. Thus I don't really have girlfriends to hang out with :p

Goa Cina beach is still considered as hidden beach in Malang. Not too many people know about this gorgeous beach. When I post the picture on Facebook, my friends think it's in Thailand or it's a photoshopped picture. Little did they know that I'm a real dummy in picture editing, lol.
I was there on a public holiday, so there were quite a number of people having picnic there. But during weekdays the beach usually is almost empty like your private beach. What I love about this beach, it's very clean and there's also a camping area if you feel like staying overnight there.

beautiful pinky white sands and clear water

the camping area

don't you feel like jumping into that clear water ?

Indonesia is dangerously beautiful

You might want visit this breathtaking beach when you're in Malang. But please keep this beach clean to preserve its beauty.


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