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My precious moments

When I was a kid, I was kind of a tomboy girl. I don't really like girly things such as doll or wearing pretty dress. Most of the time I would just wear shorts and t-shirt. Maybe because I was the only girl and spent my time with my 2 older brothers. My lil' sister was born when I was 8 years old. So yeah....I thought I was a boy before, hihihihi.
We used to go for a weekend getaway to fishing in the beach. We would build and stay overnight in a beach tent. And the next morning we grilled the fish, squid or shrimp that Dad has catched. I really miss those times. Even though I got lots of mosquito bites all over my body......but I was happy and couldn't wait for the weekend and a  new adventure.

one of the fishing trips......having yummy grilled fish for breakfast :D

hurry up Dad......I'm hungry :p

fishing with my cousin in Bali
You're all will always be in my heart

horse riding......another "not so girly" hobby


  1. it's beautifull mbak, foto masih kanak kanaknya masih ada.

    1. kita punya satu lemari foto2 kuno, kalau foto yang baru malah jarang dicetak. Cuma disimpan di hard disc, hihihi :p

  2. Waaahhh, aku jadi iri, Mba Deb bisa punya keluarga yang harmoni dan sangat terlihat bahagia. Huwaaaa... I miss my mom in Padang :'(

    1. wahhh kamu tinggal jauh dari ibu ya ? *peluk*
      Aku juga sekarang tinggal beda pulau sama ortu, tapi masih sering mudik :)


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