My Time Capsule: Switzerland: Being a Student in Luzern


Switzerland: Being a Student in Luzern

Switzerland 2000 - 2001

I have such sweet memories during my 1 year living in Switzerland. I attended a European Culinary Arts class at DCT Swiss Hotel Management School in Luzern. Then had my 6 months internship as a pastry commis chef in Grand Hotel Giessbach in Brienz. Swiss is indeed a very beautiful country and the people are so nice and friendly. It's one of my most favourite country in the world.
About DCT, the location was in Halden Strasse with a beautiful scenery of Lake Luzern just across the road. The students were mixed from many countries and we lived in the school dormitory. I was glad that it wasn't difficult for me to adapt. Because going to Switzerland was like the bravest thing I've done at that time, since nobody accompany me and I didn't know anybody there. I was all by myself  and first time to live aboard, far from my family.

first month at DCT with Maggie from HK & Bernadine from Indonesia

with Bernadine, Naila from Zambia, Eddie & Dimitris from Greece

autumn in Luzern with Naila, Bernadie & Dimitris

Lake Luzern in front of school


classmates with chef Jansen

view from room balcony

ski trip for weekend getaway

ski resort
some of the schoolmates

ice cream time with schoolmates


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