My Time Capsule: Austria: Vienna the City of Music


Austria: Vienna the City of Music

Vienna, September 2011

Honestly I didn't really enjoy my time in Vienna. I mean it's a beautiful city and very artsy but I felt "blah" when I was there. I didn't expect that because after highschool I really wanted to study in one of music academy in Vienna, as I had been learning piano since I was 7. But eventually I went to study culinary arts in Switzerland instead. Yeah I'm not sure what's wrong, perhaps I should blame the weather. It was raining and cloudy the whole day. I always feel gloomy in such weather *sigh*
Hopefully you enjoy some of my shots here:

Schonbrunn Palace

Neptune fountain

National History Museum

Maria Theresa square

Queen Maria Theresa statue

lunch at Einstein cafe

the city of music

I always greet every dogs that I meet  :)

view from the top of St. Stephan's Cathedral

What do you think about Vienna?


  1. do you always travel alone ? nice city by the way, never been to vienna.

    1. Nope, most of the time I travel with my parent and my sister as a family holiday :)

  2. Have to say I though Vienna was a little old and tired. It could look absolutely amazing with a little bit of love and care.

    1. It could be the reason why I didn't enjoy my time there. Perhaps I should give it another chance :)


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