My Time Capsule: South Korea: Eating Flower for Lunch


South Korea: Eating Flower for Lunch

South Korea, July 2007

Have you ever tried eating flowers? Well I've never thought I would  before
Arrived in Seoul around midday, the tour brought us for lunch after picking us up in the airport. I was starving so I was really looking forward for some delicious meal.....only to find out that we were served flower bibimbap for lunch. They explained that it's the secret of beautiful skin. Well I guess that's the price to pay for beauty. And since I didn't have any other options, I started to munch on the flowers. After being mixed with some sauces, it actually tasted OK. I was just pretend eating salad :p

mermaid wannabe :p

Yongin Everland

Flower Bibimbap's weird but not bad

Maisan Provincial Park

Tapsa temple

Dongwasha Temple, 33 metre Buddha statue, Daegu
Korea is beautiful but my favorite would be Jeju island. The scenery is breathtaking and there are so much to do there. We visited the Teddy bear museum and also tried the ATV adventure.
Seongsan Sunrise Peak......climbing to reach the top

the view of Jeju Island from the top

Jeju Island

wooohoooo......ATV is super fun

visiting Teddy Bear Museum @ Jeju Island

most expensive, the LV Bear

Nami Island

Kimchi- making class

Seoul Memoriam Park

Welcome aboard.......I'm your captain today :p

Lotte World theme park

Hanbok the Korean traditional clothing

Korean family :p


  1. I know it's 2007 post. But the title caught my eye :) Are you kidding? Eating flowers for lunch?
    Nice pics!

    1. Thanks ! and yes, I ate the whole bowl of those flowers :D

  2. lucunya putri duyung berbaju merah keluar dari kerang :p


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