My Time Capsule: Belgium: A Groping Incident in Brussels


Belgium: A Groping Incident in Brussels

Belgium, March 2012

That day didn't start well. I've made a booking online a day tour from Amsterdam to Brugge, Belgium and paid €60 per person. I arrived at the meeting point not far from Amsterdam Central Station at 9am. When I handed my voucher, the operator told me that there won't be any tour to Brugge that day. Apparently the website I've booked the tour from has put some wrong information. I was trying to reach the call centre but it didn't go through. I was so bummed, I've been wanting to visit Brugge for long. The operator offered to change the tour for the next day which I declined. Because I was supposed to fly to Rome the next day. So in the end I took a day tour to Brussels and Antwerp instead. I've been to Brussels before but I thought it's better than nothing to do at all.


First destination was Antwerp, the second largest city in Belgium. It took about 2 hours from Amsterdam by bus. We were given 3 hours to explore the central Market Square and surroundings. I spent most of the time admiring the beautiful architecture of Cathedral of Our Lady. I managed to grab a quick lunch before gather with the rest of the group. We then headed to Brussels the Capital of Belgium and is the administrative heart of the European Union,  which can be reached in less than 1 hour.

beautiful tinted window inside Cathedral of Our Lady

perfect vehicle for city tour :p

there was a parade but not sure what event was it

view of the Cathedral from afar



Arriving in Brussels, we made a quick photo stop at the Atomium, an impressive colossus, which was inaugurated in occasion of the 1958 World Fair. Next stop was the Grand Place or Main Market Square, we were given 4 hours to do some shopping and sightseeing. The square was very crowded. A lot of people were enjoying the sunny day with their family or friends. Do you know that Belgium is very famous for lace and chocolate? We bought like tons of dark chocolate and pralines from one of many shops there.

Brussels Town Hall

Grand Place

Manneken Pis as a surgeon
We also visited the famous landmark of Brussels which is Manneken Pis. A sculpture of naked little boy who has been urinating into the fountain's basin since 1618 (that's a very long time, lol). The statue is dressed in costume several times each week. His wardrobe consists of several hundred different costumes, many of which may be viewed in a permanent exhibition inside the City Museum, located in the Grand Place.

There are a lot of souvenir shops in that area. My sister and I decided to get into one of the shop to buy some souvenirs. I was browsing around the items when the shopkeeper walked towards me to say "Hi". He was standing very close to me when I felt that his elbow brushed my breast. I stared at him and he was still talking nonsense, showing me some items I didn't interested in. He then took a T-shirt and pretended to measure whether it fits me or not. I was about to walk away when suddenly I felt he squeezed my breast. In a split seconds I didn't know how to react, I was in shock!! I stared at him while he was grinning like a mad cow. I was furious and wanted to punch him on the face but all I've done was just cursing %^#@*(*& !!
I quickly dragged my sister to get out from his shop. I really couldn't understand, I wasn't even wearing a revealing top or something flirty. I was just wearing a turtleneck sweater and jeans :(

screw you !! *beeb*

 I was very upset but I wouldn't let a pervert like him to ruin my day. And there's no better way to light up my mood other than food which is abundant in that area. I found an escargot cart opposite of the Manneken Pis. The snail is boiled in broth and butter, very delicious ! I also bought some Belgian waffle and fries which you have to try if you ever visited Belgium. My tummy was happy so I felt slightly better after that.

Biscuit heaven

escargot in broth and butter

Belgian waffles !

Have you ever experienced any kind of harassment while travelling ?


  1. sayang kita belum kenalan, aku tinggal di Antwerpen padahal :)

    harassment ? pernah di Nikaragua, a young boy grabbed my *** and you know what, reflect i punched his face

    1. Wahhh, mestinya bisa ketemuan :D
      Aku shock banget waktu itu. Kalo dipikir2 lagi geram banget, pengen tampar mestinya :(

  2. yang menarik dari brussel itu juga termasuk toko2 yang ngejual lace, taplak, gorden,dll. Vintage banget ya rasanya kota brussel, bangunannya yg dempet satu sama lain itu gak tau kenapa meski ada juga di kota2 eropa lain rasanya beda aja.nice post mb debz

    1. Iyah, vintage gitu kesannya. Suasananya juga tenang buat jalan2. Thanks Chinta :)

  3. haha foto-fotonya imut-imut kak.

    1. si Manneken Pis itu baruuuu imut2, hihihi :p

  4. Anonymous4/10/12 15:43

    Aihh keren kk, sayang belum pernah ke eropa, kebanyakan maen di hutan. xixixi. hope someday :D

    1. mau donkkk diajak jalan2 ke hutan. Aku malah pengen coba mendaki gunung, blum pernah sih, hihihi

  5. I know ! I kinda regret it that I didn't punch him right away :(

  6. How awful - why do some men think women's bodies are public property for them to grope and ogle? I hope that incident didn't ruin your day too much; the food looks amazing and I love your pictures of the Cathedral!

    1. Thanks Amy ! I was so upaset after that incident. I really couldn't understand what encouraged him to do that while I didn't wear revealing clothes :(

  7. Even if you were wearing revealing clothes, that still doesn't give him the right to do what he did. If something like that happens again (I really hope it doesn't!) try and shame the guy by loudly saying something like, 'Excuse me, does this hand that just groped my breast belong to you?' hopefully that will put him off ever doing that again!

    1. Yes, you're right Amy. I regret that I couldn't defend myself at that time. And that guy was grinning like he was proud of what he did. He's sick I think

  8. Hi Debb,

    Glad to meet you!

    Nice blog, nice posts, nice pics - all is just nice! Keep on blogging :)

    I had a full day trip (only) to Brussel in last August.. perfect sunny day until I blistered and had to get into and out of the mini-shops looking for mineral waters *LOL*
    Quite small capital city - no need to take the public transportation as we can stand on our legs still :D :D

    I can still remember how surprised I was looking at the naked boy so called Manneken Pis - he's too tiny for the entire world always hypes over him *LOL*
    He's wearing a toge (graduation dress) in pink and purple color combination that time hehehe :)
    And.. I foolishly missed the yummy waffel of Belgium :(

    Never experienced that kind of harassement (I really hope I won't) - but I do understand how it feels about being shocked until somewhat we couldn't do anything to return what someone did to us *I think we have to learn simple way of self protection/to revenge!

    Well, always take care of yourself on your next trips :)


    Ziza :)

    1. Dear Ziza,

      thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.
      Brussels is indeed a pretty city, I had great stroll along the old town. And you're right, Manneken Pis is very tiny. I think people could easily pass by without noticing him :p

      Have a nice day there :D


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