My Time Capsule: Denmark: Love at First Bite


Denmark: Love at First Bite

Denmark, September 2010

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. And Denmark has been said to be the world's happiest country. So whenever you feel sad and want to be happy just go to Denmark, hehehe :p
Well I can't really judge if it's true though.....I was there for 2 days only. But I did feel comfortable walking around in Copenhagen. It felt like really easy to blend in.
The weather was nice with beautiful blue sky. The people and environment were friendly too.

beautiful Copenhagen

Christianborg Palace

Christianborg Palace

Royal Library garden

St. Nikolaj Church & Frederick VII Equestrian Statue

the Marble Church
guard outside Amalienborg Palace

cute coffee bar

hot dog at Copenhagen City Hall
This hot dog is super yummy. It was love at first bite and I kept craving for this. It's quite simple actually, instead of hot dog bun, they use french baguette and long sausage. Then you can add ketchup, mayonaise and mustard to your liking.
Everytime I see a hot dog stand, me and my sister would run to get some. I think I've had like 8 hot dogs in 2 days. That's not too many, right ?
And because of this I ignore the Hans Christian Andersen statue, I was too busy munching my hot dog.
Sorry Sir, I forgot to take your picture. Maybe better luck next time.....when you decide not to stand next to the hot dog cart :D

the little mermaid at harbour front

 private yachts

Tivoli Garden, the oldest amusement park opened in 1843

Rosenborg Castle

the Gefion fountain

Sailor Quarter

board on the overnight cruise to Norway


  1. oh Woww..
    Foto-foto keliling dunianya, membuat kepengen..
    Salam kenal sesama pejalan, Mba.

  2. These are beautiful! Once again I'm in awe at the beauty of this world!! Thank you for sharing!!


  3. i love Copenhagen. beautiful place. thanks for sharing the photos. i love the hotdog.

  4. i love Copenhagen. thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. i love the hot dog. nice weather too.

  5. Thank you all for visiting :D

  6. wow ~ denamrk looks so pretty ^__^
    I want to go!

    J <3

  7. Copenhagen is such an amazing place I never thought it is so beautiful and charming place

    Greets apartments for the Olympics

  8. You're totally right about the models and so. I'm happy that you feel more beautiful now and judging by your photos you definitely are! Thank you for calling me beautiful as well ^^ And I really enjoyed looking through all those photos on your blog :) Traveling sure is a nice thing :)
    Hope you had a nice evening :)

  9. wow these photos are soooo beautiful and that food looks so good LOL <3

  10. so bluuuuuu

    *comot hotdognya

  11. Wow! Gorgeous photos!!! Denmark is now on my bucket list :)

  12. beautiful photos! :)

  13. Denmark looks great!
    And beautiful photos :)

  14. the palace is so pretty! love the pictures, and you're so lucky to have the chance travelling around the world


  15. What beautiful photos wow!! I'm really glad you could go there, even for 2 days, because I really enjoyed the photos. And the hotdog sounds so yummy haha! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Thank you all for the nice comments. It really encourages me to learn better about blogging :)


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