My Time Capsule: United Kingdom: Le Cordon Bleu


United Kingdom: Le Cordon Bleu

London 2004 - 2005

Another year living abroad. I attended Le Cordon Bleu, the culinary institute. I chose London over Paris because I was too lazy to learn French :p
It was a year full of fun. Even though I didn't really have time to explore other cities. My schedule was packed with cooking class and part time job as a barista at AMT coffee bar and also my dance class.
Gosh how much I miss my busy life in London :(

with classmates at London Le Cordon Bleu

with Min Jung from Korea

with Bernadine in Chinatown

with schoolmates during the break


my first part time job in London as a coffee barista

Big Ben

House of Parliament

Natural History Museum

Hyde Park

Oxford Circus with Marlar

LCB Superior Graduation

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  1. ci, cappucino 1 ya, yang enak..
    cici bs dance, kok gk ada fotonya..:p


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