My Time Capsule: Travel Updates: The Baltics & Poland


Travel Updates: The Baltics & Poland

October 2016

Helloooooo! A quick travel updates about the road trip around the Baltic countries and Poland with my family. It's my early birthday trip, lol! If you've been following my Instagram account then most probably you've seen my daily travel photo updates. Otherwise here's the recap of some places I've been to....



Before the trip, I honestly had zero expectation about this small country. Visiting the Baltics is another trip which was decided impulsively. So all the preparation was kinda last minute thus I didn't really do the pre-trip research and planning. I didn't expect to be in love with this country but oddly I already felt like home on the very first moment I stepped my feet on their small yet cozy airport. Sometimes a city captures your heart in a way no other city has. For me, that city is Tallinn.


House of the Blackheads


From Estonia, we move towards Latvia and made some stops in Sigulda, Riga (the capital city), Jurmala and Rundale. Overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful architecture that I've seen along the way and the friendliness of the local people in the Baltics. The temperature has dropped significantly with some days of wet snowing and strong winds. But I don't mind at all because I really love autumn with all those colourful golden foliages.


Hill of Crosses

Trakai Island Castle

The Hill of Crosses is my main reason of visiting the Baltics specially Lithuania. I'm not a really religious person. Only God knows when was the last time I attend a Sunday mass at church, lol! But couple years ago I found out about this place somewhere on internet and I just felt the urge to visit it one day. It's undoubtedly a mind-blowing place with some kind of magical aura. So happy to finally here :)



Malbork Castle

Wieliczka Salt Mine

5 years ago when I was wandering around the Old Town of Krakow, I silently made a promise to myself that one day I would come back again. Though it was full of tourist, I still found Krakow very charming. And here I am now, reunited with the Dragon of Krakow. This time I spend a week in Poland and managed to visit some interesting places like Wieliczka Salt Mine, Malbork Castle, Gizycko and Gdansk.

This trip has been nothing short of amazing. In the other hand I can't wait to fly home and to hug all my kiddos. It's funny that when I was younger, I love travelling too much that I don't really miss home. But now after 12 dogs have come into my life, I can't travel more than 2 weeks without feeling terribly homesick. Well, travelling is still and will always be the greatest pleasure of my life but it feels warm inside to know that a dozen of beautiful souls will greet me with excitement when I get home. So grateful of my life and for being loved :)

I'll write more about all these beautiful places once I'm done with a huge pile of dirty laundry, ya. I don't enjoy unpacking my suitcase. Sometimes it takes more than a month to finally sort all the stuff out. Hahaha. Talk to you later! *kiss*


  1. I think your photos in this post will evoke the wanderlust within many of your readers. Tallinn looks particularly inviting! Can't wait to read more, Debbie! Happy birthday and happy nyuci! :D

    1. Thank you, Bama. I'm not looking forward the nyuci part though, hahaha.
      Tallinn is so so beautiful. I can't wait to re-visit it :D

  2. Jalan2 mu manja yaaa kak
    Ini negara2 ngak lazim untuk di kunjungi, tapi aku pernah baca keindahan nya latvia di sebuah novel

    1. kalo nge-trip nemenin Bapak dan Ibu Presiden pasti jalan2 manja, Kakkkk.
      Comfy is the most important for them, xixixi. The Baltics sungguh cantik, nggak kalah dari negara2 Eropa lain yang udah tenar duluan :)

  3. Those places look stunning Deb. And please you must revisit Krakow AGAIN in the summer, around July to attend its pierogi festival. And pleaseeee take me with you hohoho, I think Krakow is a gorgeous place worth visiting more than once!

    1. Let's go, Gy! I really love Krakow too! One visit is definitely not enough, ya :D

  4. AHHHH NGILERRR!! Mau juga:(

    Adis takdos
    travel comedy blogger

    1. ish! bukannya kamu lebih sering jalan2, Dis :p


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