My Time Capsule: Travel Updates: Trip Of Wonders 2016 #WonderfulIndonesia


Travel Updates: Trip Of Wonders 2016 #WonderfulIndonesia

Woot woot!
So after 12 days, 5 cities, 9 flights, 1 dreadful boat ride and countless bus ride later, I am now finally home. I was invited by the ministry of tourism Indonesia to join the Trip of Wonders 2016 as part of 'Wonderful Indonesia' campaign. This first batch consists of a group of 30 bloggers from Southeast Asia countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam; and 10 social media influencers from Indonesia.
Here's a quick recap of our destinations, what we see and what we do:

MAKASSAR in South Sulawesi
Bantimurung waterfall
We got on an early flight from Jakarta to Makassar which also known as Ujung Panjang. Then headed straight from the airport to Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park. The word Bantimurung came from two Bugis words, Benti meaning water and Merrung meaning roaring. We did some easy trekking and had a picnic lunch next to the waterfalls.

Kodingareng Keke island
Beach day out! First we headed to Kodingareng Keke island which was about an hour boat ride from city centre of Makassar. It's a small beautiful island with pristine blue water and white sand beach. After that we had a traditional grilled fish lunch which was served in Samalona island, just half an hour away from Kodingareng Keke.

sunset in Losari beach
A visit to Makassar won't be complete without spending an afternoon in Losari beach which is well known for a beautiful sunset spot.

Food porn alert! Makassar was definitely fondle our tummy and taste buds with its scrumptious culinary delights. From fresh seafood galore to Pallubasa (herbal soup which consist of offal of cattle or buffalo and added with raw egg yolk) and end it with some dessert like Es Pisang Ijo.

GILI TRAWANGAN in northwest coast of Lombok
good morning, Mataram!
Stayed overnight in Mataram and got the chance to taste their delicious Ayam Taliwang (grilled or fried chicken in spicy sauce) and also to visit Sade traditional weaving village. We learnt a bit of Sasak tribe, their daily life and the culture.

exotic welcome drink at Gili Trawangan

signature split pose on a jetty in Gili Trawangan
Unfortunately I was down with fever and flu when we reached Gili Trawangan island. So I only stayed in the island and missed the island hopping activity to Gili Air and Gili Meno *sad*. Hence I got plenty of time to explore this famous getaway spot in Lombok.

minutes before landing in Banyuwangi

woohoo! I made it to mount Ijen
For me the highlight of the entire itinerary would be climbing mount Ijen. Okay, maybe not exactly climbing because for mountaineers, it's just an easy trekking. I had to push myself beyond my limit to finally reach the top. It was hard but I refused to give up and it was very well worth it when I caught a glimpse of the well known blue fire.

savannah in Baluran National Park
Getting up close and personal with the wildlife in Baluran National Park. We were quite lucky to be able to see some groups of deer, buffalo and monkey in a close distance. A piece of Africa in Java indeed.

BANDUNG in West Java
Kawah Putih or the White Crater in Bandung
Last destination for the Trip of Wonders was Bandung. We spend the morning exploring Kawah Putih or the White Crater in Ciwidey area. Kawah Putih is a sizable highly acid lake (pH 0.5-1.3) which changes colour from bluish to whitish green or brown depending on the concentration of sulphur and the temperature or the oxidation state.

mi familia! 
This trip started as group of strangers and ended with a sentimental farewell because the bonds were getting stronger each day. I bid them goodbye with tears in my eyes but I'm sure we will somehow meet again since we are now friends and I even called them mi familia.
Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for helpful hands, thank you for the laughs and beautiful memories :)

Stay tuned for more stories about each destinations!


  1. kak photo ijennya cakep

  2. ihh asiiik bgt mbak jalan2nya ^o^... mkasar cakep yaaa.. kmrn aku dr sana dan sukaa... palagi makanannya g ada yg ga enak... tp ga kuat ama panasnya aku -__-..

    1. sukaaaa sama makassar, pengen balik lagi karena kemarin belum ke toraja, hihihi

  3. Ternyata banyak yaa sampai 30 an blogger

    1. yuppp, 40 an kalo sama yang dari Indonesia. Seruuuu, hihihi

  4. You didn't go to Rammang-rammang when in South Sulawesi?
    Anyway, it's very easy to spot you on the last photo haha! *** thanks to the new hair lols ***

    1. yeah, sadly we didn't get the chance to visit Ramang-Ramang. Well it means more trips to Makassar, yayyy :D
      Hahaha, my hair speaks out loud yaaa :p


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