My Time Capsule: Travel Updates: Hong Kong (Again!)


Travel Updates: Hong Kong (Again!)

Hong Kong, May 2016

It's a delayed travel updates actually. I was supposed to post this entry 2 weeks ago after returning home. But you know, as a Queen of Procrastination of course I have thousands stuff to do other than blogging, lol. It's normal that I have everything ready for writing then suddenly I see a beautiful red dragonfly flying around my pond and just like that, I run to get my camera and only done playing with the dragonfly an hour later. Planning back to work but I smell something nice from the kitchen, so naturally I go to find what Mom is cooking instead. Another time I would be busy with gym or selfie with my dogs, and so on and so on. Good God, I really need to learn how to stay focus and to prioritise.

Wait! What was I going to write earlier? Right, travel updates! Back to the topic now...
Last year we missed our annual trip to Hong Kong because we were occupied with house renovation and stuff. Then in the beginning of May, out of the blue, Dad said: "Hey, book the ticket to Hong Kong for next week, will ya?" I know we have always been spontaneous when it comes to travel. We never planned ahead and do a last minute packing and go whenever we feel to. But this time is a bit unexpected because we don't usually go to Hong Kong during summer. As an in-house-travel-planner, I frantically started browsing tickets and hotels....only to realise that our passport is expiring in less than 6 months. Dang!

I kissed a stingray 

Short story, through the express service we finally got our new passport 2 days before departure. That means I had to get all the booking stuff done within 24 hours (flight itinerary SUB - SIN - HKG - SIN - SUB, 4 different hotel bookings, and transportation). Phew! It's hard not to love my spontaneous family, lol.

We stayed 4 days in Singapore for Mom's annual health check up. I was gutted because since the first day landing in Singapore I was infected by severe digestive infection. It was so bad that I had an intimate relationship with the toilet bowl in my apartment for 3 full days. I couldn't accompany Mom to her doctor appointments, I couldn't eat my favourite Singapore food, I literally did nothing. I felt and looked like a zombie.

Eventually feeling a bit better on the last day in Singapore, I dragged my half dead body out of bed and bid an emotional farewell to Mr. Toilet Bowl and visited Marine Life Park at Sentosa Island. It's such a great place to visit! Looking at those beautiful sea creatures, I instantly felt better and happy. It made me realise how much I miss being underwater again. I was once a mermaid errr....I mean a certified scuba diver around the year of 1996 to 1998. Then I sold all my diving gears when I moved to Europe and never dived again since. Well, perhaps I should do it again soon since my brother is a pro scuba diver instructor; I think I can bug him to give me a free course *evil grin*

Ocean Empire Food Shop

I was glad that my stomach was completely fine when I landed in Hong Kong. And the gluttony journey began...

This time we also stayed in Causeway Bay area where I used to spent half of my childhood in. First stop after landing: our all time favourite restaurant, Chuen Cheung Kui where they serves the best salt baked chicken and deep fried chitterlings. The next morning, the compulsory breakfast at Ocean Empire Food Shop for their minced beef congee and yau zha gwai (Chinese donuts). We felt quite puzzled because we hardly saw people walking on the street. Yes, it was raining and windy but it's just odd to find Causeway Bay area that empty. We only found the answer when we got back to our hotel in the afternoon. Turned out there was a thunderstorm warning, so everyone was suggested to stay inside. Well, I hardly watch television so of course I wasn't aware about the warning. I could imagine how silly it would be, to be on the headline news: "An Indonesian girl got struck by lighting on the way to her favourite congee restaurant during thunderstorm warning".

Tim Ho Wan

Finally I got to visit this supposedly very famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. I've heard so many people raving about the BBQ pork bun in Tim Ho Wan. It is delicious but for me it's not as spectacular as I thought it would be. I've tasted better pork bun before, so sorry to say that it's not really worth the one and half hour queueing. Next time I would queue for their scrumptious braised chicken feet in abalone sauce and Shumai instead :p

Hong Kong cart noodle at Wing Kee

Via Tokyo

meat galore

This is what you shouldn't miss when visiting Hong Kong. The BBQ meat galore. It's the most beautiful sight and would instantly lift my mood whenever I see it. You will be spoilt for choice, from salt baked chicken, Cantonese soy sauce chicken, Siu Ngo (roasted goose), Char Siu (bbq pork), Siu Aap (roasted duck),  Siu Yuk (roasted pig with crispy skin), to honey roasted pigeon. Every time my parents went shopping in the traditional market around Bowrington Road, I'd tag along so I can get one or five items from this eatery.

pineapple bun


I think I've stated many times before that I love trains and trams. I'm not sure when the TramOramic started to operate but I'm very happy to finally experience it. The one hour sightseeing journey aboard a unique 1920s-style tram. You can join the tour either from Causeway Bay Terminus or Western Market Terminus. To check their schedule or to book the tickets, please visit their website Hong Kong Tramways. Believe me, it's soooo much fun!

Bank of China Tower

Nan Lian Garden

Since Causeway Bay area gets super crowded on weekends, I decided to escape and to breath some fresh air in Nan Lian Garden. It's located in Diamond Hill, Kowloon. My Dad loves garden so much and he was very happy wandering around here. The bridge and pagoda somehow reminds me of some garden in Japan. I didn't explore the Chi Lin Nunnery which is just across the street because the weather got really hot. Maybe next time when I'm back to Hong Kong during winter.

wake up to this view

One day prior heading home, we moved to this relatively newly opened hotel, Auberge Discovery Bay. I saw some pictures of this hotel somewhere online and fell in love with the property. I mean, it's absolutely hard not to when there is floor-to-ceiling windows in the room and bathroom offering the views of the ocean and mountain. It has a very laid back ambiance and tranquil surroundings. It's only 20 minutes from the airport, Disneyland and Tung Chung station. Such a great getaway from the hustling bustling Hong Kong. Now I kinda regret I only stayed for a night. Oh! They serve wonderful breakfast too!

view from my room

my fav spot overlooking the White Chapel and Phinisi boat

Well, more less that sum up my recent trip to Hong Kong. I didn't write all the food that I ate since I already post the Hong Kong Food Porn a few years back. No matter how often I visit Hong Kong (I lost count after my 70 something trips), it's always feel good and I'll never get bored of my second hometown. I'll see you again very soon, Hong Kong *blows a kiss* :)


  1. hufft.... kapan ya bucket list ke HK ini bisa terpenuhi :D.. ujung2nya selalu kalah ama destinasi lain.. pdhl aku udh lama pgn ke HK, tp sbnrnya lbh ke arah kulineran sih mbak :D.. walopun agak terbatas kali ya pilihan utk yg non pork :)

    1. street foodnya enakkk, Fan. Pilih yang aman2 aja kayak egg waffle, fish balls in curry sauce, seafood, beef congee, salt baked chicken, dll. Atau mau aku temenin kulineran nihhhh? hihihi :p

  2. ngebayangin apaan tuh ya di depan white chapel? xiixixi sekali2 isengin Debbie ahhh :p

    1. waiting for an Irish prince picking me up, hahahaha halusinasi banget lah, Kakkkk :p

  3. Hongkong cart noodle, mirip mie ayam bakso tapi kuahnya banyakan enak nggak Mba, kalau penglihatannya sih kaya enak pake banget..

    1. benerrr, kalo di Indonesia sejenis mie ayam gitu. Tapi di sana bisa milih jenis mie-nya, mulai dari mie kuning, mie telur, bihun, dll. Trus toppingnya juga banyak banget pilihannya. Enak! :D

  4. Kuliner nya bikin ngiler banget
    itu noodle nya kok memanggil untuk di santao manja hehehe

    1. Beneran comfort food inih, apalagi dimakan pas winter. Loooove :D

  5. Baru tau ada Tramoramic, Deb. Issh kalo kesana pengen nyobain:)
    BTW, rambutnya merah bener hahaha...kece ah!

    1. Next time cobain deh, Kak. Seruuuu. Sayang kurang lama, hahaha.
      Eh iya, rambutnya kalo kena sinar jadi terang banget, hihihi. Tapi sekarang udah aku gelapin sih :p

  6. es kriiimmnyaaaa :)) :))
    aku waktu ke HK ga ngeh ada Nan Lian Garden, ngehnya pas udah balik hahahahahaha
    btw ci, itu si Phinisi boat kapal biasa atau emang kapal turis? keren bgt bentuknya

    1. Kamu pasti demen green tea ice creamnya, Meiiii :D
      Phinisi boat itu kayaknya punya hotelnya deh. Dan bisa book buat event gitu. Aku pengen naik padahal, hihihi


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