My Time Capsule: Review: Rondji Restaurant


Review: Rondji Restaurant

Ubud. Every time I heard or think about Ubud, the first thing that cross my mind will be "tranquillity". It's located among rice paddies with stunning tropical valley views. While the city centre is getting very crowded nowadays, some parts of Ubud still remains peaceful.

2 weeks ago I was planning to meet Febbie from Jalan2 Liburan who lives in Belgium. Febbie and her husband were having a romantic getaway in Bali to celebrate their anniversary :p
We had some options to choose before finally settled to have lunch in Rondji Restaurant. One of the newest restaurants in Ubud that located next to Antonio Blanco Museum.

Rondji Restaurant

I have to say that the location is superb with gorgeous view from the terrace. My favourite spot is chilling on one of those comfy sofas while admiring the greenery afar. With laid back ambiance, it feels like I could stay here the whole day.

stunning view

roofed terrace

so homey


When we were having a hard time to decide what to order from the menu, the waiter served iced tea as a complimentary drink and peanuts for us. Followed with a cold hand towel with a touch of beautiful frangipani. And while we were waiting for the food, the waiter came back to serve complimentary warm breads and butter. Such a great hospitality, right ? And don't worry about the WIFI, it's free and accessible throughout the restaurant


It didn't take long for the food to be served. Yvan, Febbie's husband ordered Poulet Roti. Roasted chicken breast and leg served with mashed potato and gravy. While the portion looks quite small, according to Yvan it tasted good.

Poulet Roti

I ordered assorted satay which consists of chicken satay, beef satay, prawn satay and fish satay (sate lilit). All of them were grilled to perfection and tasted delicious. Served with rice, peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce with sliced chili. In my opinion, it would be perfect if the rice portion were a bit bigger.

Assorted Satay

Best of all was this Bebek Rondji, a deep fried duck with scrumptious crispy skin and flavourful meat. Served with rice, sayur urap (vegetable with grated coconut and spices), and 3 kind of sambal (condiment with chili based sauce). It's so yummy that I would definitely order this every time I visit Rondji restaurant.

Crispy Duck

the sambals

We were already full when the owner of Rondji restaurant, Mr. Mario Blanco kindly offered a complimentary dessert for us. It was fried bananas with vanilla ice cream and swirl of strawberry sauce. A simply mouthwatering dessert with beautiful plate presentation to end a meal on a sweet note.

Fried banana with vanilla ice cream

My overall experience in Rondji restaurant was just awesome. Beautiful place with stunning views, delicious meal and great hospitality. I couldn't ask for more. So next time when you're in Ubud, don't forget to stop by this restaurant. In case you're lost, just ask the direction to Antonio Blanco museum.

Rondji Restaurant
Jalan Raya Campuhan, Ubud 
☏ +62 361 975502


  1. What a wonderful place.xxxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Iyah, cobain kesana lain kali pas ke Bali :)

  3. keren tempat nya + bebek rondji + sambel nya begitu mengoda

    1. Yuppp, kalo ke sini harus coba bebek gorengnya :D

  4. Deb! Kalo gw ke Bali kesini yaaaa...that collection of sambals made my mouth water!

    1. Pasti !!! sini buruan mudik Aggyyyyyy :D

  5. Ci Debz, kalau kapan2 gw ke Bali jadi teman wisata kuliner dong hahaha
    Liat foto2 nya gile menggiurkan abis ni, fotographer nya jago aja bikin keliatan lezat makanan nya!

    1. Aku punya page di Facebook kumpulan foto2 hasil hunting kuliner di Bali. Mampir aja, ada info alamat n harga makanan juga :)


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