My Time Capsule: Russia: Colourful Moscow


Russia: Colourful Moscow

Russia, September 2010

Arrived in Moscow around midday, we had a quick lunch before exploring the city.
We visited the Cathedral Square which is famous as the site of solemn coronation and funeral processions of all the Russian tsars, patriarchs, and Grand Dukes of Moscow. Even today, the square is used in the inauguration ceremony of the President of Russia.
The square owes its name to the three cathedrals facing it  which are Cathedral of the Dormition, Cathedral of the Archangel, and Cathedral of the Annuciation. The tallest structure on the square (and formerly in all of Russia) is Ivan the Great Bell Tower, which also separates Sobornaya Square from Ivanovskaya Square.

Kremlin, Moscow

autumn foliage

Tsar Canon

my sister with the Tsar Bell

Dormition Cathedral

Bell Tower of Ivan the Great

pretty gilded onion domes

Russian Starbucks Coffee

Russian Mc Donald's
And of course a trip to Moscow is not complete without the Red Square which is UNESCO World Heritage Site. I finally have visited the colourful symbol of Moscow, the Saint Basil Cathedral. It's indeed very pretty.
If you're curious you can read the history of Red Square to find out what was happened there.

My impression of Moscow was that the city's more crowded and complicated than St. Petersburg, nevertheless it's a beautiful city.

the famous Red Square
St. Basil Cathedral


Moscow's colourful symbol

statue of Minin and Pozharsky

one of Moscow's historical metro stations

pretty colourful Matryoshka

a pretty little bird bid me goodbye :)


  1. fotonya bagus bagus semua nih, :)

  2. Anonymous4/8/12 21:21

    nice picture love it... pKai kamera apa ya?tajam benar gambarnya

    1. Thank you ^^ aku pake camera semi pocket, Canon G11

  3. Hi Debb,
    nice shots! I always love Russia and it is on my top list to visit next year (finger crossed)

    Anyway, I just got a matryoska doll from a Russian friend :)

    Nice blog

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Russia is really beautiful. I hope you will make it there next year and have a great time exploring the country :)

  4. Russia! Deb, did you try any Russian vodka? ;D

    1. unfortunately, I didn't. I hardly drink alcohol, hihihi :p

  5. warna-warni kaya permen...cantik bgt.


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