My Time Capsule: Singapore: Changi Airport Is A Home To Me


Singapore: Changi Airport Is A Home To Me

Where's your most favourite airport in the world?

Changi airport

I often get asked that question because I travel a lot and I've been to many airports around the world. Without hesitation I'd always answer Changi Airport in Singapore. If you ask me the reasons, well I can easily write a long list of it. But what made me fall in love with Changi Airport in the first place was their super clean and spotless washrooms.

"WHAT?!" I could see your confused face while raising your eyebrows.

Yes, one of my biggest pet peeves is dirty public toilet. It's a pretty big deal for me because I usually drink gallons of water before a long haul flight. Naturally I'll visit the washroom often and all I need is a stink-free clean toilet. Thank you.

spotless washroom

Changi Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world. It's a major air hub in Asia serving more than 100 international airlines flying to more than 300 cities around the world. There are 3 terminals in Changi Airport and all are connected by the Skytrain. Recently between my flight Surabaya-Singapore and Singapore-Bangkok, I had couple of hours to do an airport tour here. If you have ample time before your next flight, I'd also recommend you to explore all the 3 terminals. Each of terminals has it's own uniqueness. Such as Cactus Garden in Terminal 1, Sunflower Garden in Terminal 2 and Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3. It's like finding an oasis in the middle of the hustle bustle of an airport.

Cactus garden 

Sunflower garden

Butterly garden 

There's also a transit hotel in each terminal. In case, all you need is a quiet room to get some quality sleep and a good shower. There are two different rates available depending on whether you choose a standard room or a budget room. To stay in these hotels, you don't need to go through the immigration or custom. In all terminal, Ambassador Transit hotel are located in the level 3, within the departure transit lounge.

The Social Tree

Now let's talk about The Social Tree, a new attraction in Terminal 1 which looks really cool and futuristic. I was excited when I saw this 9 metres tall tree. First I took my picture in one of eight touch screen photo booths around this tree. Next step, I was having fun playing around with this photo booth where I could choose some cute frames and stickers to decorate my photo. When I was done editing and clicked the 'submit' button and then BAM! my picture appeared on the giant screen. I can always retrieve my picture at any time and it will be stored for a hundred years! Amazing, huh? Now I understand why the tag line is "Leave behind a memory at the Social Tree".

Hey! It's meeeee :D

Movie Theatre

watching your favourite movies for free

Hey you know what? You can always choose some favourite movies to watch for free in the Movie Theatre. They are located at Terminal 2 near the Sunflower Garden, level 3 and at Terminal 3 near the Ambassador Transit Lounge, level 3. Beware though, not to get too comfy or you'll miss your next flight.

rooftop swimming pool

Changi Airport is my most visited airport besides the airport in Surabaya and Bali. Thus it feels like home to me. But no matter how often I've been to this airport, there's always something new to discover here. Like this rooftop swimming pool. In between some long haul flights, it must be really great to relax a little bit in this pool while sipping some drinks served from the pool bar. I would have found this pool earlier if I hadn't spent too much time in food court or shopping all this time :p

food glorious food

Last but not least.... Changi Airport is a food heaven! Since I barely eat anything during the flight, I have to make sure to eat something before I board the plane. There are so many food options to choose in Changi Airport. In fact, they have about a million food outlets across Terminal 1, 2 and 3. Okay, I exaggerate. It's actually more than 120 food outlets with a great diversity of cuisine. The recently renovated food court in Terminal 3 is named 'Singapore Food Street'. You might just be transiting and don't have time to explore the city, but you still can sample some of Singapore signature dishes. Isn't that brilliant?

I was lucky to meet Max, the Changi Airport mascot

After all, Changi Airport is like a huge playground for me. Every terminal is unique and has a lot to offer. There's always something new to discover and to do before departing to my next destinations. Airport is a place of "Hello" and "Good Bye".  And in Changi Airport it will surely be a special one. To all my Indonesian friends, do you know that Changi Airport has launched a website in Bahasa Indonesia for us? It's Make sure to visit it to get the latest updates or events and some promotions you would not want to miss.

How about you? What's your favourite things to do in Changi Airport?


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* My trip to Bangkok is fully sponsored by Jetstar Asia and Changi Airport. However all opinions are based on my experience and the words are all mine. Special thanks to the ever so friendly and lovely Wei Shan for taking me around Changi Airport.


  1. Aaak~ I miss wandering around changi air port~ I haven't finish exploring all the terminal yet :(

  2. Gila yaaa singapore, ampe airport aja mereka jual dengan elegan nya bikin betah dan jadi tujuan wisata ... hanya sebuah airport

    1. yup, bikin betah banget. Fasilitasnya bener2 beyond airport .....jadi berasa ga bosen biar transit lama :)

  3. OMG, baru tau ada movie theater nyaaaa... ^O^, next time traveling, aku mw cari yg transit lamaaaaaa di changi :D

    dan itu kebun bunga matahari nya selalu ada mba? ga pake musim? tau gitu aku ga susah2 ke chiang mai cum utk liat kebun sunflower yg trnyata udh lwt musimnya -__-

    1. kayanya si bunga matahari selalu ada, Fan. Cakep lho kebunnya :D

  4. Lama-lama orang betah ya kak debbie ketinggalan pesawat kalo model airport nya kayak gini, karena kalau dilihat dr ukuran Singapura itu negara kecil. Airport is my favourite spot plus a place i hate because here hello meets goodbye in same time :')

    Kalau one day aku kesini aku juga pengin kak ke The Planet Traveller, toko 'all about travel segala ada' terbesar di dunia. aku gak tau sih tempat ini ada gak di negara lain krn terlalu muluk jg ya kalo ngarep buka cabang di Jakarta. yang jelas klo kesana mesti kekep dompet dgn mesra dan penuh kasih biar isi toko gk kita borong semua haha.


    1. wah jadi ikut penasaran ama The Planet Traveller :D

    2. Hihi aku tau dr kak windy. *helanapas*

  5. Oke, materi blogku selanjutnya adalah: changi airport. Titik! *brb beli tiket nyebrang ke SG*

    Umm, anyway, cute freebies you got there kakak... #kode


    1. serius, banyak yg bisa dieksplor dan dijadiin materi blog di Changi Airport :)

  6. One stop shopping, kira2 begitu ya.. semua ada disana (

    1. yuppp....semua ada sampe bingung mesti ngapain dulu, hihihi

  7. Waaahh.. seru banget Changi Airport! Waktu itu ada ada yang nge-twit tentang Kinetic Raindrop di Changi, dan aku penasaran banget.. Kak DebbZie lihat ga?

    Btw ikutan giveaway-nya yaaa..

    Twitter: @parah1ta

    1. Kinetic Raindrop cantik banget. Dia ada di area check in sebelum imigrasi :)

  8. Ituuuu washroom nya kayak kamar mandi hotel elit, padahal di dalam airport. Beneran liburan di airport yang nggak terasa membosankan ya... Deb, foto yang di Social Tree jepret berapa kali tuh hayooo curiga jepret banyak trus dipilih yang paling apik hehehe.

    1. foto cuma sekali aja donkkkkk, kalo kelamaan malu ama yg antri. hihihi :p

  9. tempat yang paling aku suka di sini tuh di Changi Aviation Gallery. bisa duduk-duduk cantik sambil merhatiin pesawat tinggal landas, duuuhh pengen tiduran di karpetnya sekalian *kemudian dikeplak* hihihihihi

  10. you can spend 3 days transit at Changi Airport and will not get bored :))

  11. duuuuhh jadi kangen Singapore, belom pernah explore Changi juga. Paling cuma main ke Koi Pond-nya aja

    selama ini cuma silent reader, ini komen perdana sekalian mau ikutan giveaway-nya ya Ci

    Twitter: @rintadita

  12. C. Aretha M.1/1/15 12:47

    Belum pernah ke Singapura... Hehe :') Tapi banyak temen yang sering bilang kayak gini, "Kamu harus liat bandara Changi, keren banget!" Jadi penasaran.
    Ehh taunya menemukan postingan ini, yang mewakili kekepoan saya terhadap Changi Airport tersebut. Foto-fotonya bagus, deskripsinya juga. Jadi makin pengen ke sana deh! :)
    Ikut giveawaynya ya kaak~
    Twitter: @linearetha

    1. semoga nanti kesampaian jalan2 ke Singapura dan explore Changi Airport yaaa :)

  13. Keluarga saya udah sering ke Singapura, tapi saya belum pernah :(
    Melihat tulisan dan foto-foto keren di blog ini jadi bikin saya kepengen banget ke Changi Airport. Airport yang sangat legendaris :D

    The Social Tree, Hotel, Movie Theatre, duuh semuanya bikin ngiler :D
    Semoga aja tahun ini bisa main ke Changi Airport.

    Ikutan Give Away-nya ya Kak ^_^

    Email :
    Twitter : @rizkiekikieabri
    Instagram : @uraiabri

    1. iyah, fasilitasnya keren2....kadang sampe lupa kalo lagi di airport :p

  14. Hi dear,
    salam kenal dari aku di samarinda :)

    cuman 1 kata untuk Changi Airport..."extraordinary"
    Aku memang belum pernah kesana debb, tapi cuman liat dari post mu aja aku udah bener2 takjub. gimana kalo nginjakin kaki secara langsung disana ya?, mungkin melongo melongo kali. hehehe. maklum. belum pernah berpergian keluar negri sih . hiks hiks T_T
    menyenangkan sekali ya airportnya. sampe ada Movie Theatre n kebun kebunnya segala.
    bener bener melebihi dari fasilitas yang kita harapkan.
    kalo airportnya gitu mah kalo kena delay ngak bakalan bete. secara hiburannya banyak banget, gak bakal bosen nunggunya, malah jadi pengen lama lama disana. (lupa tujuan) heheh
    yang gak kalah aku suka itu toiletnya, bersih bangettt, desainnya juga keren gitu. sweet.

    Sukses terus ya ma blognya :)

    email :
    twitter : @ZULYA_KU
    instagram : YULYANTISEPTI

    1. aku kalo transit di Changi Airport sih betah biar sampe berjam2 lamanya. Semoga bisa kesampaian jalan2 ke Singapore ya :)

    2. ia . betah buangett . :) hehehe

      aminnn. thanks debz. semoga :)

  15. belum pernah explore airportnya soalnya selalu datang dan pergi aja...hehe... mt twitter : @andrehandoyo ; instagram: @andrehandoyo

    1. aku biasanya datang beberapa jam lebih awal biar bisa jalan2 di airport :p

  16. aak, ketinggalan giveawaynya :| baru liat linknya pas update pemenang :|

    1. nanti ikut giveaway yang oleh oleh coklat Swiss aja ya :D

  17. Love the social tree.. Lucu, kreatif, sama fun buat buang2 waktu hahaha. Klo saya suka kursi tidur panjangnya buat kalau lg nunggu lama in between flight bisa bobo disana. Super empukk.. Hehehe

  18. Kalo bandara di Indonesia ada yg kayak gini, kayaknya rela deh nunggu 4-5 jam..
    Apalagi kalo delay pesawatnya :D


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