My Time Capsule: January 2013


Review: Baca Resep Dulu

Rutinitas memasak di rumah bisa dibilang mengasikkan buat yang hobby memasak. Namun kadang kita merasa bingung juga mencari ide, "enaknya masak apa ya hari ini ?". Nahhh...itu berarti saatnya mengintip Baca Resep Dulu, satu website baru yang berisi resep-resep masakan lezat.Meskipun website ini masih muda umurnya, namun koleksi resep mereka sudah cukup banyak. Mulai dari menu appertizer hingga dessert, baik masakan Indonesia maupun mancanegara.

Rata-rata resep di website ini cukup simple dan step by step cara memasak yang mudah untuk diikuti. Selain foto makanan yang menggiurkan, di setiap resep terdapat penjelasan asal/ latar belakang menu dan tips untuk mendapatkan hasil masakan yang maksimal. Jadi bukan hanya mendapat resep baru, dari website ini kita bisa belajar banyak pengetahuan baru tentang kuliner mancanegara

Nah kan siapa bilang memasak itu ribet dan susah? Sebagai pemula, coba masakan yang mudah dahulu. Saran dari saya, kumpulkan semua bahan masakan di meja dapur. Timbang atau takar bahan tersebut dan olah sesuai petunjuk resep. Setelah semua bahan siap, baru dech kita mulai memasak sesuai dengan urutan cara memasak. Jadinya tidak kalang kabut, waktu memasak sambil bingung mencari, menimbang atau memotong bahan. Bisa-bisa keburu hangus kan :p

Saran yang lain, jangan ragu menyesuaikan takaran bumbu sesuai selera kita. Umumnya untuk makanan utama, takaran bumbu tidak terlalu baku. Jadi kamu bisa menambah atau mengurangi bumbu. Misalnya menambah sedikit takaran garam apabila kamu penggemar rasa asin begitu pula sebaliknya.

Psstt....ada beberapa resep saya yang dimuat disini lho. Kalau mau, kalian juga bisa jadi kontributor dan kirim resep andalan untuk website Baca Resep Dulu. Info lebih lanjut, silahkan email: Website ini dimanage oleh Adam & Susan dari Pergi Dulu, sebuah website traveling yang mengupas tempat-tempat menarik untuk dikunjungi.Untuk mendapat update resep terbaru, jangan lupa untuk follow twitter @BacaResepDulu

Jadi hari ini kamu mau masak apa ?


Malaysia: Food Porn

Warning! Don't read this post on an empty stomach. The risk is all yours.

I spent my first week of 2013 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I didn't plan it actually, it was a last minute decision. I was in Singapore the previous week to accompany Dad doing some medical treatments in the hospital. We had one week to spend before our flight home to Indonesia so we chose to stay in Johor Bahru since it's just 30 minutes away from Singapore by car.

It's my first time visiting Johor Bahru, so I didn't really know where to go or what to eat. Luckily my hotel is very close to a food court which have abundant delicious food to choose from. The name is Cedar Point hawker centre. You can find almost everything there from satay, chicken rice, rojak and a lot more.

Besides Johor Bahru, I also went for a day tour to Melaka for sightseeing and tasting the food. These is some of them: 

Nasi Lemak
I had nasi lemak almost everyday for breakfast in the hotel. Nasi lemak is Malaysia's national dish. Basically the rice is cooked with coconut milk to make it tasty and fragrant. It's usually served with fried anchovy (ikan bilis), eggs, fried peanut and chili sauce (sambal).

Roasted Chicken & Rice Balls
I often eat hainanese chicken rice but it's my first time trying the rice balls. Actually the taste quite similar but the texture is sticky like glutinous rice. I tried this in Melaka, where you can find a lot of restaurant serves this menu

BBQ Chicken Wings
Super yummy BBQ chicken wings ! Found this in Cedar Point hawker centre and the name of the stall is Hong Kee. I often eat chicken wings in Singapore but I found this one way more tasty. I don't know what's their secret ingredients but it tastes savoury while the meat is juicy. The price is also very cheap compared to the one in Singapore

Fish Head Curry
This menu is influenced by Indian cuisine. The fish head is cooked with coconut milk and curry powder in a hot pot. Then it's added tofu, eggplant, potato, tomato and long beans. I ordered this from one stall in Cedar Point also. The taste is mild and delicious. I like it because it's not too oily and they put just the right amount of coconut milk. Great to accompany both rice or bread.

Grilled Fish
This grilled fish is different from what I usually eat in Indonesia. They use banana leaves to wrap the fish so it holds the sauce to marinate perfectly into the fish and the aroma is better too. They spread generous amount of sauce over the fish and served with raw shallots chili sauce

Malaysian Satay
I also found that Malaysian satay tastes different from Indonesian sate. The meat have a hint of sweet taste from ground coconut or coconut milk. The peanut for sauce is more coarse and the colour is lighter. I guess they don't mixed it with sweet soy sauce like the Indonesian do

Sugar Cane Juice with Lemon
There's no better drink for me to wash the food down. I love sugar cane juice with lemon so much that I had it like 3 times a day. So refreshing !

Sesame Balls
I like to nom sesame balls for snack. It's made from glutinous rice and you can choose the fillings like ground peanut, green beans paste or red beans paste.

Rojak with Crispy Grilled Sotong
ROJAK ! If you have read my post about Singapore food, I'm sure you knew how much I love rojak. The one that I found in Cedar Point is ever more delicious, I kept coming back to buy the whole week. They add crispy grilled sotong (dried squid) and the sauce tastes so yummy. Anyone in Johor Bahru, please send me this rojak now !

Portuguese Egg Tarts
Crispy and flaky pie crust. Warm sweet and creamy fillings. Melting on your taste buds. YUM !

Coffee Flavoured EggWaffle
Hong Kong style egg waffle is my all time favourite snack. But this one is even better because they mix the waffle batter with coffee powder. Then it's drizzled with coffee sauce on top.It made my taste buds dance in joy

Addicted to this flavoured dried noodle since I was a kid. have you ever tried ?

Durian Puff & Ice Cream
I found this shop in Jonker street, Melaka. They sell amazingly delicious durian puff and durian ice cream. So heavenly !!!.......or not, if you are not a fan of durian like my sister :p

Wife Cake
Originally from Hong Kong, this is a traditional Cantonese pastry. The crust is flaky and thin and has almond paste, winter melon and sesame filling. Why is it called wife cake ? Here's the story

Ice Cendol
It's one of the most famous dessert in Malaysia. Ice cendol is green rice noodle with shaved ice then added coconut milk and palm sugar. Sometime it's a combo with cooked red beans

Well, with that amount of food I ate during my 1 week stay in Malaysia, I might have put on another 5 kgs. Note to self: please bring a bigger size pants for my next trip to Malaysia or get a liposuction now !


2012 in a Nutshell

Happy New Year 2013 to everyone !!! I wish you all a great year ahead :)

2012 was quite a whirlwind year for me. If you have read my birthday post or follow my twitter you probably knew that I had been in so much stress because my Dad had to be hospitalised couple times for being sick. Even now as I'm typing this post, we've been in Singapore for one week for daily hospital visit. On December 2, 2012 my father had a stroke from brain hemorrhage (bleeding). We had to rush him to the hospital because he couldn't move his body and was about to lose consciousness. It was just 3 weeks away from our Christmas holiday to Sapporo, Japan. We had to cancel the trip and lost all the money we've paid :(

But I believe that life is about a balance of good and bad times. I had some rough days in tears while my Dad in the hospital. In the other hand I also have some happy days when I feel so blessed for being able to travel some countries that I had been dreaming to visit for a long time.
Without further ado, here's my 2012 travel photography review:

Netherlands - March
Travelled to Amsterdam to help my sister packing all her stuff and back to Indonesia for good. It was during spring so we managed to visit the most beautiful spring garden in the world, Keukenhof.


Belgium - March
I joined a one day tour to Antwerp and Brussels from Amsterdam. A beautiful day when I stuffed my stomach full with Belgian waffle, chocolate, fries and escargot. Unfortunately the day ended with a traumatising groping incident.


Rome - March
I lost my checked in suitcase during a short 2 hours flight from Amsterdam to Rome by KLM. After 4 days and 100 phone calls later, they finally found my suitcase and sent it to my hotel.....only to find my suitcase lock has broken and lots of my stuff have gone forever (YES! including my precious 5 boxes Belgian dark chocolate!)


Vatican - March 
I couldn't express my feeling when I finally walked through this Holy city.  I had been dreaming to visit St. Peter's Basilica since ages ago. Specially after watching Angels & Demons the movie. I'm so intrigued by the mysteries that's hidden there. I felt so lucky to be able to have a private mass in the basement of St. Peter's basilica.

St. Peter's Square

Dubai - March
A short 3 days visit to Dubai before flied back home from Rome. I had great time exploring this fascinating city, specially during the desert safari.

Atlantis the Palm hotel

Alaska - June
I had a freezing summer holiday by joining a 8 days Alaskan cruise. Alaska has the most stunning nature life that I've ever seen. Oh ! and dog sledding was so much fun too !

Tracy Arm Fjord

Canada - July
A road trip along British Columbia will never bore me. The scenery was just so breathtaking that it looks surreal sometimes.

Peyto lake

Singapore - November & December
Flied to Singapore in November and December to take my father to the hospital. As much as I love the food, I feel like I easily get bored when I stay here for more than 1 week. I don't know, maybe because I visit Singapore mostly for medical reason. It could be a different story if I were having holiday here.

Garden by the Bay

So...that's roughly my highlights of 2012.
How about yours ?


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