My Time Capsule: January 2014


Taiwan: National Museum Of Natural Science

Taichung, January 2014

I spent my first day of 2014 at a be exact at National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung. Usually I'm not really a museum person. Don't get me wrong though, I do love arts and histories and stuff. But while travelling I prefer to spend most of my time for outdoor activities and if I have some spare time I'd visit museums.

Built on the area of 9 hectares, National Museum of Natural Science is a five venue-complex housing the Space IMAX theatre, Science Centre, Life Science Hall, Human Cultures Hall and Global Environment Hall, plus the 4.5 hectare Botanical Garden. It's one of most visited attraction in Taichung and it's not hard to see why. Within couple of hours that I spent here, there were so many interesting new stuff to see and learn.
For information about the admission fees, you can check it here.

jellyfish evolution

mountain eruption simulator

oh no! A T-Rex!!
I turned into one corner and I caught a glimpse of T-Rex! He was growling and having an argument with his little fella. Their appearance and movement look so real. Well it's not like I have met the real one but at least it looks exactly the same as dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Just watch my video below...


I gave him a box of match to make his life easier :p

a cozy womb
I found my Mom's womb! I mean the replica of course. This is exactly what I've imagined about how a womb looks like. It's soooo comfy and cozy inside, no wonder I insisted to stay inside my Mom's womb for 11 months. When I was sitting inside I could hear the sound of heart beating.
"lup dub...lup dub...lup dub".
It's like a lullaby and I almost fell asleep when I heard a loud knock. I hesitantly peek outside only to find a long queue of grumpy people waiting for their lazing-inside-the-womb moment. Oops...sorry :p


the Mummy: before and after

my childhood sweetheart, ET
I also went to an exhibition in the museum (temporary) about Alien and UFO. I learnt some interesting facts about the appearance of UFO in some part of the world. They even displayed an injured alien that looked real. There were some figures from alien-themed movie including ET. I was thrilled when I saw him because I was the biggest fans of ET during my childhood. While all my girly friends showed off their Barbie dolls, I'd bring my ET doll everywhere I go. I told you.....I'm not your average kind of girl :p

travelling by planes are so yesterday. UFO is the new black :p

Alien has 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot but has no penis

It had been an absurd day for me, getting up close and personal with dinosaurs, ET and alien in one place. And there's no better way to make it perfect than eating some weird food. I went all the way up to a mountain area trying to find this hidden restaurant. Their menu included.......

giant crickets, maggots omelet and chicken testicles!
The name of the restaurant is Black Cock. Yes, I'm not kidding! Even though I also thought it sounds a bit....errrr...ahem...well let's just talk about the food, aye? They have a wide range of menu but my fave are maggots omelet, chicken testicles and the crickets. It didn't taste as gross as it sounds because maggots is actually high in protein and tasted just like egg whites. While the chicken testicles have a silky texture and you can expect a burst of juice once you bite through the sac. The taste was savoury with a hint of ginger and herbs from the sauce. Some Taiwanese friends told me that it will make our skin smooth and looks younger (bye bye Botox!). How about the crickets? It's so crispy and flavourful, it tasted like fried prawn. The size of those mountain crickets are bigger than my thumb so make sure to chew it well before swallowing because I experienced some of their legs stuck in my throat. first day of 2014 was indeed quite an adventure, don't you think so? :D


brought all the way from Taiwan for you :D
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New Year's Eve

fireworks in Hong Kong Disneyland

It's been 3 weeks since my last blog post which is the longest "absent" in this blog.
No, it's not because I've been too busy eating and traveling.Yes,  I've been so occupied taking care one of my dogs that just had a hernia surgery. But the main reason is my laptop finally decided to die on me after I torture it to work beyond its limit for more than 3 years. So yeah, I deserve this miserable days without my laptop. Here I'm now at one Internet cafe, trying hard to blog while breathing the thick smokes from cigarettes.

Last night after reading an article in LiveOlive about 5 Travel Gems for the New Year, I was trying to review where I had been spending mine every year. For me New Year's Eve equally with fireworks. Though nowadays I'd much prefer watching the fireworks through my hotel window than join the crowd outside.
Yeah, I know I'm old now *ahem*

31 December 2012 in Singapore
I didn't plan to say 'hello' to 2013 in Singapore. It supposed to be in Hokkaido but I had to cancel my trip on the last minute because Dad got a stroke. We had to fly to Singapore immediately to admit him to the hospital. I almost forgot about the new year's eve because of the chaos.

Where do I most often spend my new year's eve? It would be Hong Kong! Since I was a child, Hong Kong has been my all time favourite place to spend my Christmas and New Year holiday. This city of lights do make excellent effort every year to decorate the skyscraper buildings with Christmas theme decorations and lights. I would jump and squeal with joy every time Dad said, "Let's watch the Christmas lights!". Because we used to lived in Causeway Bay area, we had to take taxi to Tsim Sha Tsui. Ahhh...those good old days, I really miss it :)

31 December 2013 in Taichung, Taiwan

view from my room
 Last new year's eve I was staying at Hotel One, the tallest building in Taichung. My fully glass window room (and even the bathroom) on the 34th floor undoubtedly gave the best view of fireworks in the whole city. I was sitting in silent next to the window while I heard the loud count down from the crowds that gathered in the park. I turn off all the lights in room and the 'show' began. While the people outside screaming "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!", it was then one by one fireworks lit up the sky from all over the city for about half an hour.. As it those colorful fireworks competed each other to decorate the sky. So spectacular that I got goosebumps all over my body.

So yes, I love watching fireworks but I would also love to spend my new year's eve in a remote place where there's only me, the nature, the sky and stars. I'm thinking somewhere like Iceland, maybe? Let's just put it on my bucket list and see where I will be spending this year.

Any idea? Where's your favourite places to spend new year's eve?


2013 In A Nutshell

Happy New Year 2014!!! May everyday of this new year glow with happiness for you :)

Geesh! Time does fly, right? It's hard to believe that it's another new year now.
Apart from travelling, 2013 was a year of heartache for me. I spent many days in tears and feeling sad at the loss of my furry friends, not only one but six of them within one year. Lucky, my 12 years old Persian cat and Baby, a 3 months old puppy died due to some kind of virus. I was so devastated when the vet told me that euthanasia is the only way for Baby, so he wouldn't feel the pain anymore. Bob Marley, the 2 months old puppy died after being hit by neighbour's car. Bobi and Mocca were kidnapped while Buzee was poisoned by some irresponsible people. Perhaps some of you are wondering, why would I make such a big fuss over these furry fellas? Because to me, they were not only pets in my house.....they were my best friends and were part of my family. That's why I'm so brokenhearted :(

I miss you kids :'(
Okay, enough for the sad story! And like the previous years in 2011 and 2012, this post is another photo essay of which countries I had been in 2013. Out of 9 countries I visited last year, 4 of them are new countries for me and hopefully I will visit more this year. Without further ado, here's the recap...

January - Malaysia

After spending the Christmas in Singapore, I decided to stay in Johor Bahru and Melaka for couple days after the new year. I didn't do many sightseeing while I was there though. Just lazying in the hotel or hunting for delicious local food.


February - Singapore & Japan 

Flied back to Singapore and stayed for some days before headed to Hokkaido. I've been to Japan for couple times before but it was my first time to Hokkaido. The trip was awesome nevertheless and I love love love all the food in that island. I just can't wait to visit it again soon!


August- Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Singapore

My Balkan trip would have been perfect if only the weather was not too hot. It was probably one of the highest temperature I've ever experienced. Unbearable! But I must say that the places I visited were just breathtakingly beautiful.

Venezia - Italy

Lake Bled - Slovenia

Dubrovnik - Croatia

Budva - Montenegro

Mostar - Bosnia & Herzegovina

November - Malaysia

It was a short getaway for attending an awesome event, AWE 2013. While Kuala Lumpur is not my favourite city, I did have a great time there. Specially because I met many amazing women in the event who inspired me. I'm looking forward for AWE 2014!

Kuala Lumpur

December - Taiwan

I've been spending almost 2 weeks here in Taiwan for a Christmas holiday with my family. We're road tripping from Taipei - Hualien - Cinjing Farm - Sun Moon Lake to Taichung and will be flying home on 4 January. Basically it's a 'eat till you drop' trip.

Cingjing Farm

How was the year 2013 for you?


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