My Time Capsule: December 2015


Photo Essay Of My Christmas Holidays

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday!
Wait a minute, I should say it's not just my favourite holiday but my favourite time of year.
It is time when family and friends get together.
It is time when Christmas music is played everywhere.
It is time when the air even smell delicious from Christmas tree, cinnamon and freshly baked goodie.
It is time when decoration looks so pretty and colourful.
It is time when I can wear my winter clothes and of course snow makes it perfect.
I also notice that during Christmas season, people tend to be more kind and smile a lot.

As far as I remember, Christmas means travelling together with my family, preferably to beautiful snow destinations. Not this year though. Since my grandmother has been in and out the ICU, we thought it's not wise to leave her for travelling abroad. Thus it's the first time spending my Christmas holiday at home which is actually nice too because I can share the joy with my 11 furry friends. Love!

I was just lazying at home today and flicking through my old pictures to recall where I had been during Christmas holiday. I didn't think it would be this fun! So I decide to make it into a blog post. I couldn't find any holiday pictures before the year of 2000 in my laptop. Those years are only in printed photos so next time I'll have to scan them and upload it here.
So here's my Christmas holiday from 2000 to 2014 :)

2000 during my one year lived in Switzerland

2001 in Japan

2002 in Hong Kong

2003 in Japan

2004 study and work for a year in London

2005 in Japan

2006 in New Zealand

2007 in Hong Kong

2008 in USA

2009 in Spain

2010 in South Africa

2011 in Beijing

2012 was when my Dad got a stroke and admitted to hospital in Singapore :( 

2013 in Taiwan

2014 in Switzerland

2015 Merry Christmas from us! Love, the Leksonos

How about you, where is you favourite Christmas holiday destination?


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