My Time Capsule: September 2012


Poland: Photo Essay of Krakow

Poland, September 2011

peeping through my lens pretzel

Kraków is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with evidence showing settlements there since 20,000 BC. Legend has it that it was built on the cave of a dragon whom the mythical King Krak had slain. Thus when I was wandering around the Old Town and Grand Square, I've seen a lot of souvenir shops that sell dragon merchandise.

I didn't spend much time in this lovely town. As I was just passing by after visiting Auschwitz Birkenau, a Nazi Concentration Camp in Poland. I wish I had more time to spend in Krakow. I love the old buildings and the laid back ambiance there.

souvenir cart 

Wawel Royal Castle

Vistula River in Krakow

Krakow obwarzanek (pretzel)

street art performance

Grand Square of Krakow

Do you prefer to visit old cities or ultra modern cities ?


Canada: Alcoholess Drunk In Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Canada, July 2012

I've always enjoyed visiting vineyards. It's not because I like to drink wine but I love the surrounding scenery which usually is beautiful. So I thought I already knew what to expect when I was heading to visit a vineyard that day.Yeah it must be a lot of grapevines here and there, right ?

Oh boy, was I wrong ! As soon as our bus entering the parking lot, I was stunned because the scenery was beyond beautiful. It's not just an ordinary vineyard,  Summerhill Pyramid Winery is located in Kelowna and overlooking Okanagan Lake. It's the combo of vineyard, mountain, lake, beautiful skies and colourful flowers that makes me fall in love instantly with this place.
The view from the winery is very picturesque it looks like a photoshopped picture.

Welcome to Summerhill Winery

parking lot

tanks inside the winery

I did a quick tour inside the winery and decided to skip the wine tasting session and explore the vineyard instead. I'm not the biggest fan of wines, that's why I preferred to walk around the vineyard while others were sipping their Icewine. I didn't regret my decision though, because I have plenty of time to absorb the stunning scenery in peace and to take some nice pictures without jockeying for a good spot with a bunch of people. The whole vineyard was all mine *grin*

so beautiful, I wish it was my backyard


overlooking Okanagan Lake

my version of wine tasting :p

So yeah, I was drunk by the beautiful scenery, not by sipping wine :p
Since I'm not a wine expert and didn't even taste the famous Canadian Icewine, so pardon me for not providing enough information about the wines. What I know for sure, Summerhill is committed to producing 100% organic wine and is the first bio dynamic vineyard in British Columbia. You might want to visit their website to learn more:  Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Do you enjoy visiting a vineyard or winery ?


Freebies: Alaska Souvenirs

I have some freebies for you!
I love buying souvenirs for my family and friends every time I travel abroad. So I thought, why not buying a few more for my readers who are kind enough to visit my humble blog :p
Unfortunately this 1st giveaway only for those who resides in Indonesia. Until I find a trusted shipping company, then I will make it available for all the readers overseas.
My plan is to get souvenirs from every countries I visit and give it as freebies to my readers.

Alaska souvenirs for you

These are the freebies for you to choose:
1. Alaska Grizzly T-shirt in white colour, size M
2. Alaska baseball cap in green/beige colour
3. Alaska multi tool-knife

So these are what you need to do to be eligible for the freebies:

1. Follow @twitdebbzie on Twitter and tweet this: Free souvenir from Alaska by @twitdebbzie on
2. "LIKE" the fan page on Facebook. Click here ==>  My Time Capsule
3. Leave your email address and your twitter name on the comment box below and tell me which freebies would you like to win

(Bahasa Indonesia)
Ini langkah2 yang harus kamu lakukan agar dapat ikut dalam pengundian hadiah:

1. Follow @twitdebbzie di Twitter dan tweet kalimat ini: Free souvenir from Alaska by @twitdebbzie on
2. "LIKE" fan page di facebook. Klik disini ==>  My Time Capsule
3. Tuliskan alamat email serta nama twitter kamu di kolom comment di bawah ini dan pilihan hadiah yang kamu inginkan 

Closing date will be on 12 September 2012. The winners will be drawn at random and be contacted via email. So hurry up ! and good luck :D

Update 18/09/2012 

The winners are...... @_wahyuID, @hera2chi and @rwulanv
Congratulation !!! I've sent the parcels for you, hope you like it :D


Updates 24/09/2012

The winners finally received the parcels from me and sent their pictures! I'm still waiting one more picture from @rwulanv

Derry from Sidoarjo with his Alaska T-shirt

Hera from Jakarta with her Alaska cap


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