My Time Capsule: Canada: Alcoholess Drunk In Summerhill Pyramid Winery


Canada: Alcoholess Drunk In Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Canada, July 2012

I've always enjoyed visiting vineyards. It's not because I like to drink wine but I love the surrounding scenery which usually is beautiful. So I thought I already knew what to expect when I was heading to visit a vineyard that day.Yeah it must be a lot of grapevines here and there, right ?

Oh boy, was I wrong ! As soon as our bus entering the parking lot, I was stunned because the scenery was beyond beautiful. It's not just an ordinary vineyard,  Summerhill Pyramid Winery is located in Kelowna and overlooking Okanagan Lake. It's the combo of vineyard, mountain, lake, beautiful skies and colourful flowers that makes me fall in love instantly with this place.
The view from the winery is very picturesque it looks like a photoshopped picture.

Welcome to Summerhill Winery

parking lot

tanks inside the winery

I did a quick tour inside the winery and decided to skip the wine tasting session and explore the vineyard instead. I'm not the biggest fan of wines, that's why I preferred to walk around the vineyard while others were sipping their Icewine. I didn't regret my decision though, because I have plenty of time to absorb the stunning scenery in peace and to take some nice pictures without jockeying for a good spot with a bunch of people. The whole vineyard was all mine *grin*

so beautiful, I wish it was my backyard


overlooking Okanagan Lake

my version of wine tasting :p

So yeah, I was drunk by the beautiful scenery, not by sipping wine :p
Since I'm not a wine expert and didn't even taste the famous Canadian Icewine, so pardon me for not providing enough information about the wines. What I know for sure, Summerhill is committed to producing 100% organic wine and is the first bio dynamic vineyard in British Columbia. You might want to visit their website to learn more:  Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Do you enjoy visiting a vineyard or winery ?


  1. Anonymous14/9/12 19:47

    The pics look stunning

  2. Wow, it wish that my back yard too... It is beautiful.

    1. Yes ! This is such a beautiful place :)

  3. wahh fotonya keren2 juga.....

  4. Anonymous17/9/13 17:38

    Itu gapura-gapura (atau apalah namanya itu) bagus ya mbak kalo buat nikahan *eh* :))

    1. eh eh....I had the same idea lho pas disana. Bagus banget banget buat foto wedding trus garden party gitu :p


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