My Time Capsule: Norway: the Longest Fjord


Norway: the Longest Fjord

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 !!! I wish you all happiness and joy and blessings throughout the year :)

The next morning we made our way to Gudvangen to catch our ferry for the fjord tour along Sognefjord.
It's the longest and one of most beautiful fjords in Norway. It was 2 hours cruise from Gudvangen to Flam.
The weather was so perfect, blue sky with pretty clouds that these pictures look like have been edited using photoshop. Nope, I have never used photoshop on all my pictures. In fact I don't even have photoshop program on my computer. Anyone willing to teach me photoshop? :D

on the way to Gudvangen

the roadway


at Gudvangen ferry terminal


cute Troll

beautiful sky and clouds over Gudvangen

pretty houses at Gudvangen

beautiful Sognefjord
my feet enjoying the scenery :p

Lookie !!! a sun bathing seal!

Our ferry arrived at Flam terminal which is also a train station. Then we hopped on Panoramic Train to Myrdal station where we changed onto fast train to Geilo station. The coach already waited there to take us to Hamar.

arriving at Flam train station

my sister on Panoramic train

Myrdal train station

nice place for picnic by the river


  1. i love the picture of your shoes with the scenery. coincidentally the blue shoes matches well with the background :)

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  2. I love everything about this place - lovely flowers, stunning mountains, crystal lake and your smiley face Debbie. What an amazing experience. I've been only to Oslo so I had so chance to explore and admire the real beauty of Norway, but hope to catch up soon.

    1. Yes, you should visit Bergen too. There are many places to explore in Norway. I'd love to visit it again :D

  3. Hi DebbZie, i love to see all the pictures in your Blog, especially pictures taken in Norway...but i just curious, did you not feeling cold in Norway?

    1. It wasn't really cold because I went to Norway in autumn. The weather was pleasant :)


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