My Time Capsule: Review: Dim Sum in Feyloon Restaurant


Review: Dim Sum in Feyloon Restaurant

There are some restaurants in Bali that serves Hong Kong style dim sum. I chose Feyloon Restaurant in Kuta area. It seems very popular since it is frequently visited by lots of tourists.
These are some items that I ordered.......

Crispy Seafood

Shrimp Dumpling

BBQ Pork Bun

Steamed Chicken Claw in Black Bean Sauce

Seafood in Bean Curd Sheet

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

Fried Durian
Overall the food was yummy. I really like the fried durian which is very creamy but not too sweet. The price was not cheap but I think it's worth it though. I would definitely come back to try other menus.
What's your favourite dim sum menu ?


  1. wow, this dim sum shop has fried durian as well! wondering how expensive would it be..

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  2. for dim sum the average price are between US$ 2 and US$ 4 for each item :)

  3. First of all, thanks for your nice comment! I was so happy to read it- and sorry my comment is a little late! (_ _);

    haha thank you very much for the compliment! it means so much to me! :-)

    the food looks so delicous ! i think the BBQ prok bun I ate in japan!! or its little same? :D haha

    ohh!! i see! i thik too japan is one of the best places i have been to!! well, i have been only to tokyo ( ;_; )

    if you want, please check out my new post about japan! i would be verrrry happpyy <3<3 :-)

    ps: you are very cute!!

  4. The dim sum looks delicious!

    My favourite dim sum are crispy egg tart & custard bun!!!

  5. I love crispy egg tart too :D


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