My Time Capsule: Switzerland: Küsse Aus Luzern


Switzerland: Küsse Aus Luzern

snowing on a Christmas eve

Luzern will always hold a special place in my heart, simply because I used to called it home.

17 years ago, I boarded my first long haul flight heading to a new country in a continent I had never been to before. It was the first time ever I travelled alone without my family nor friends. It was my first time moving to a foreign place with no one I was familiar with and the language I could barely speak. It was when my solo adventures began. The period of a lot of firsts in my life. At that time I just wanted a new chapter after a frightening plane incident I experienced the previous year that shook my life.  It caused me psychological scars and I started to have a severe phobia of flying and being enclosed in a small space...and the rest is history.

"Will I be okay? How will I cope when I miss my family?" Those questions kept playing on my mind when I cry silently during the 12 hours flight from Singapore to Zurich. At that era, the information I could gather from internet was limited thus I really had no idea what to expect. So I was surprised just how well I survived. Luzern welcomed me with a bright warm smile. This city has a relaxed atmosphere. There was always people approached me whenever I was lost or needed help. I began to fall in love with the city. I love the lovely weather. I love the scenery from my balcony which facing to Luzern lake with snowy mountains as a background. I love the quacking noises of ducks and swans by the lake that greeted me every afternoon when I brought a huge loaf of bread for them. I started to make friends at school and dormitory. After a while I called Luzern as my home. Every time I sent letters and postcards for my friends and family in Indonesia, I'd wrote down "küsse aus Luzern" which means kisses from Luzern.

Long story short I was ecstatic when my family asked me to arrange a Christmas holiday to Switzerland two years earlier. I've missed Luzern too much. I couldn't wait to see how the city look like after I left ages ago. Unfortunately it was snowing really really hard throughout the week that I had to cancel most of my itineraries. I stayed warm in my hotel room most of the time. Here's some pictures I managed to snap during my stay. Decided to edit my pictures different from my usual style which is mostly vibrant. If you've seen my instagram account, you would have notice that I love playing with colour. As far I remember I hardly shared black & white picture before. I guess some colourless pictures for a change would be interesting so I played a bit on my phone using Snapseed app.

Please let me know your thoughts, okie? :)



view from my room balcony


buried in snow

Des Balances, pretty hotel I was staying at

shopping area Hertensteinstrasse

frozen lake

Old Swiss House

snow everywhere

Löwendenkmal or the Lion Monument

always love leafless snowy tree :)

Luzern city from across the lake


Seebrücke Luzern 

Luzern, I will be home again...hopefully sooner rather than later :)


  1. brbrbrbrb dinginnnnn, sungguh blm mau winter lagi huahuaa

    1. winter please come soonerrrrr *dikeplak* hakakakaka :p

  2. love the sepia - makes it look like it was taken in the 1920s

  3. Aku suka foto-fotonya, Deb! Seperti nostalgia ke 17 tahun yang lalu gak ketika ngedit foto ini dan membuatnya jadi hitam putih? :)

    1. Thank youuuu, Roomie :*
      Iyah, nostalgia banget. Seandainya aja 17 tahun lalu aku punya camera bagus, pasti bisa bikin foto perbandingan, hihihi

  4. kereeenn banget ya bangunan-bangunan di Eropah sana. keren sekali kak. :) namanya juga lucu, LUzern. heheh.

    1. iyaaaa, aku demen arsitektur jadul kayak gini :D

  5. Because of the color, it's like I'm looking at photos from decades ago. Luzern looks so atmospheric, at the same time mysterious -- again probably because of the tone. By the way, that's a nice view you have from your balcony!

    1. I guess I've been watching too much horror movies lately that I fell into the dark and mysterious mood, ya :))


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