My Time Capsule: Denmark: Rosenborg Castle The Home Of Priceless Treasures


Denmark: Rosenborg Castle The Home Of Priceless Treasures

Copenhagen, July 2014 & September 2010

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle was originally built as King Christian IV's summer residence. It's closer compare to Frederiksborg Castle which is 40 km away from Copenhagen. Usually I'm not really a museum person but when it's castle related and moreover has a stunning garden, of course one visit is not enough. So yeah, I've visited this castle twice. The first one was in autumn 2010 before heading to some Scandinavian countries and the second one was in summer 2014 during a stopover on the way to Iceland & Greenland. It's kinda surprising that when I compared the picture folders from both trips, I took mostly similar spots and items. This post is a picture compilation from the 4-years-apart trips which both I took using my now-rest-in-peace pocket camera Canon G10.

Knights Hall

Rosenborg Castle began humbly as a small summer palace because Christian IV wanted a new pleasure palace apart from the old medieval Copenhagen Castle which he thought hopelessly old fashioned. Perhaps a king can never have enough castle just like a woman can never have enough shoes :p
Over the span of 28 years, it went through four stages of renovation and was finished in 1633. The castle is divided into 4 floors which are basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor; and each consists of several rooms. Christian IV loved this castle so much that on his deathbed at Frederiksborg he wanted to be transported by a sleigh to Rosenborg in order to end his days there. King Christian IV died at the age of 70 and buried in Rosskilde Cathedral.

ivory and amber collection

Christian IV's Winter Room

Rosenborg's weapon collection

Walking down into the basement, my eyes widened in awe when I saw the display of weapon collection. I've never thought before that weapon could look that beautiful with all those sophisticated details. Rosenborg's weapon collection was found by Frederick III and was kept in two of the uppermost rooms of the Great Tower. Christian V who had a keen interest of weapons, had his collection enlarged and re-displayed; from hunting dagger, flint lock musket, wheel lock gun to flint lock rifles. He wanted to ensure that the weapon he had used in the Scanian War from 1675 to 1679 were preserved.

Green Cabinet

the Treasury

Entering the Treasury, felt like I needed to put my sunglasses on. Well the room itself is pretty dim actually. It's either my eyes are too sensitive or all those crowns, swords and jewellery are way too shiny that made my eyes squint. All the collection are made in gold and gigantic size of jewels. I can't imagine how heavy it would be to wear it on my head. It's truly a number of mind-blowingly magnificent treasures!

the Crown of King Christian IV

Fun fact: The king's daily menu during suppertime consists of 16-20 assorted dishes. Even more when Royal Banquets which took place in the Great Hall, the menu presented for the guest was up to 38 different culinary course with unlimited beer and wine.
Pleaseee let me live in the castle :p

The King's Garden

The King's Garden or Kongens Have was open for public in the beginning of 1700's and has since been a very popular retreat and picnic area for Copenhageners in the city centre. This huge garden also my favourite part of the castle. The country's oldest royal garden are home to a large herbaceous border, a rose garden and a multitude of different sized sculptured including the famous statue of Hans Christian Andersen. Although the park has undergone several major changes, the three entrances have been preserved. I think summer is the peak season in the park. While strolling around, I've meet dozens of sun-worshiper relaxing on the green grass, having a picnic or just hanging around with friends. I think this is one of the reasons why sometimes I really miss my old life in Europe. There are ample beautiful, safe and well maintained parks in vicinity. Oh well, maybe I should just build a decent park in my hometown then :p

Hans Christian Andersen statue

statue of Danish queen, Caroline Amalia

Rose Garden

Rosenborg Castle

Ticket prices    : 105 kr for adult and free admission for children (0-17 years old)
Opening hours : from 10 am to between 2 pm and 5 pm, depending on the time of year
Note                   : For security reasons you may only bring small bags to the castle (max15 x 23 x 15 cm)


  1. itu perhiasannya asli semua yg dipajang??? wiiih jarang2.. biasanya yg begini, imitasinya yg didisplay :).. berarti keamanannya super ketat ya mbak.. ga kebayang nilai semua perhiasannya...

    1. Iya, Fan....koleksi perhiasannya gila banget. Bikin silau pokoknya, hahahaa.
      Pantesan sih kastilnya dijaga tentara gitu, apalagi di bagian Treasury :)

  2. aku suka banget sama King's gardennya ijoo banget dan ruangan yg knights hall juga majestic bgt *kayaknya kalo aku yg di situ, leher aku pegel gara2 ngedanga ke atas ngeliatin langit-langitnya cantikkkkk*

    1. iyesss, aku juga paling suka King's gardennya. Pengen guling guling, hihihi

  3. Foto Pertama atap langit2 nya keren yaaaa

  4. Wow, itu 4 lantainya dijadiin museum semua ya? Keren memang koleksi senjatanya.

    1. iyah, koleksi dan kastilnya keren banget :D

  5. One of recommended place to visit! Denmark!!

    Adis takdos
    travel comedy blogger

    1. Yes, it is! Thanks for stopping by, Dis :)


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