My Time Capsule: Karma Kandara Resort - High Cliff Tea With A View


Karma Kandara Resort - High Cliff Tea With A View

Karma Kandara Resort

Imagine this...a luxury resort which is perched on a steep cliff and has a great sea views. An infinity pool facing the crystal blue ocean at Bali's southernmost tip. Feel the gentle sea breezes sweeping your face while the warm sun touching your skin. That's exactly what I saw and felt while attending Karma Kandara invitation to experience their signature Karma High Cliff Tea. Yes, I've heard many stories or read enough reviews that Karma Kandara is one of the resorts in Bali with best scenery. I have not had the chance to prove it until last week.

best table is reserved only for you

Karma Kandara is a resort that features 70 luxury private villas and half of them are privately owned. Surrounded by a lush natural environment, you would hear birds chirping or even lucky to come face to face with long tailed macaques. I met about a dozen of these monkeys in one of the bridges. Di Mare which means "the ocean" is one of 3 dining outlets in this resort. They recently launched Karma High Cliff Tea which available every afternoon between 3 pm to 5 pm.

Karma High Cliff Tea


High Tea is a meal eaten in the late afternoon or early evening, typically consisting of a cooked dish, bread & butter, and tea.

Traditionally, high tea menu consists of sandwiches and scones. But Karma Kandara jazz it up by adding muffin, brownies, biscuit, sushi and even Vietnamese spring rolls with tangy, sweet and spicy sauce. I'd say it's pretty interesting. My favourite delicacies were baguette sandwich with fresh salmon; mango & tuna sushi; Sablé (round shortbread biscuits); and not to forget the dark chocolate brownies which has a 'melt in your mouth' texture . Believe me, it was so good that I'm craving a slice of brownies as I'm writing this. While other items tasted quite good, I'm sure they could do better.

perfectly smooth cappuccino

my typical working day :)

I have an confession, my family and friends often say that I have a kinda weird eating habit. I usually start with a few bites of sweet food then munch some salty food to balance the taste before back to sweet food again and keep switching until I feel full and will end it with salty food. I was pleased to find out that they serve both sweet and savoury tidbits. Even better, Julia Lorenti, the event manager of Karma Kandara told me that she eats in a similar way. Hey, I'm not so weird after all :)

view from Di Mare restaurant

monkeys on the bridge

inclinator to the beach

And while you're here, don't miss to visit their internationally renowned beachfront venue, Karma Beach Bali (previously was Namos beach). Exclusively, the inclinator will take guests to the stunning beach and passing some limestone cliff. Such a exhilarating ride indeed. Regularly host some of the hottest events in the island, not surprising that it was recently named amongst the 'Worlds 50 Best Beach Bars' by CNN Travel.

beautiful beach awaits you

Karma Beach Club

a sunset wedding at Karma beach

with Julia Lorenti

Thank you Karma Kandara for inviting me and the mind blowing experience. Special thanks to Julia Lorenti for the wonderful hospitality. We surely had a great afternoon :)

I was invited as a guest. But opinions, happy tummy and the dancing taste buds are all mine.

Karma Kandara Resort
Jalan Villa Kandara
Banjar Wijaya Kusuma
Ungasan - Bali
Phone: +62 361 8482202


  1. Ah ada wedding sunsetnya, pasti cakep acara nya. aku blm perna kesana pas sunset, selalu aja pagi kesana dan jam 3 an dah cabut balik

    1. ho oh, romantis banget wedding pas sunset di pantai :')

  2. jujur aku tergoda dengan makanannya :)

  3. I think that's one of the best Brownies I've ever eaten Deb...

    1. definitely! it's not too sweet , I love it :D

  4. cappuccino ya mantap kali....tu yg disebelahya WOW bgt deb...:p
    btw....cici good-looking jg ya..hehehhee

  5. Hey you look slimmer here. Lovely view!

    1. Thank you, Ka. Actually I keep gaining weight lho *frustasi*

  6. Glek.... liat sushinya... ^o^...enak bgt pasti ya makan dgn pemandangan pantai super cakep bgtu ;)

  7. duhhh pertama kali liat foto karma kandara di majalahnya garuda..langsung jlek kesemsem...hummm masih belum kesampean...hum

  8. Anonymous28/6/14 08:49

    Ternyata banyak yang punya kebiasaan habis makan yang manis-manis diseimbangin ama yang gurih ya, me too Debz >.<
    Oh iya, Karma Kandara ini dibuka buat umum atau harus jadi tamu resort dulu baru boleh masuk ke pantai?

    1. wah, toss donk Lim :D
      orang luar bisa kok turun ke pantai. Bayar 200 kalo ga salah trus ntar bisa di redeem buat minum or makan

  9. very nice place and picture....

  10. Nammos is Still my Fav Beach Club with its stunning private beach!

    aaak kalo ga kesini ga ke Bali deh ahahaha


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