My Time Capsule: Netherlands: A Flower-Filled Day In Keukenhof


Netherlands: A Flower-Filled Day In Keukenhof

Netherlands, March 2012

"The most beautiful spring garden in the world". That's what written on their brochure. And I don't think it's overrated though. Keukenhof or Kitchen Garden is also known as the Garden of Europe, situated near Lisse. It's open annually from mid March thru mid May. More than 7 million of flower bulbs are planted every year in the park, which covers an area of 32 hectares. So it's undoubtedly very gorgeous.

They choose a different country as the theme every year. "Poland - Heart of Europe" is the theme of the 63rd International Flower Exhibition at Keukenhof this year. And for 2013, the theme will be "the United Kingdom".

Welcome to Keukenhof

I went there just 2 days after the opening date, there wasn't too many people. Because actually the best time to visit Keukenhof is around mid April. When all the flowers bloom and looking their best. The garden is divided into 12 main areas which equally beautiful.

One of my favourite is the Children's Paradise because there's a farm where you can pet some animals from chicken, goat, pig to ponies. I went crazy and wanted to pet any animals there. I think I was the only adult who run and shriek excitedly chasing the animals together with a bunch of children. I know......sometimes I tend to be childish and overly thrilled when I see animals. I can't help it :p

make friends with Mr. Goatie at children's farm

too pretty it looks surreal

one size too big :p

I was greeted with a huge variety of orchids at Beatrix Pavilion. My jaw dropped. I've never seen so many variety of orchids before. In every possible shade of every colour imaginable. I mean green orchid? orange orchid? leopard print orchid???  I didn't even know they exist. Did you ? Perhaps I should learn more about flowers.

Besides orchids in other part of the park and pavilion, you can see huge variety of flowers like tulip, daffodils, bromeliads and etc and etc...I will need a flower dictionary if I want to list them all here :p
Anyway I was quite disappointed because I've been wanting to see and touch my favourite flower which is black tulips. But it has not bloomed yet when I was there :(

variety of orchids

one of the sculpture

the pond at Wilhelmina Pavilion

featured on Tripadvisor Facebook page :D

It was indeed a very flower-filled day for me. If you ever travel to Amsterdam around mid March to mid May, I would encourage you to visit this beautiful garden. It's open from 8 am to 7.30 pm. To avoid the long queue, I already bought my ticket online from their website: It was a combo ticket for the park entrance and bus return from/to Schiphol airport which cost me € 21. It took about 35 minutes from Schiphol to Keukenhof. I'd prefer to come as early as possible. Because around noon to afternoon, the parks become very crowded.

Have a colourful day y'all ! :D


  1. I really love it, when you take a picture for all flower

  2. Hey, thank you for stopping by :D

  3. Wow Deb! You went this year? I was there too!!!!

    1. Yes ! We could have arranged a meet up there, hihihi :p


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