My Time Capsule: Travel updates: Canada


Travel updates: Canada

Canada is beautiful! I love it so much , I feel like moving here. Stunning scenery and lovely people, I couldn't ask for more. The only downside is the weather, so unpredictable. Changes every minute from sunny to windy to raining. Quite crazy, I might say.
I'm at Vancouver airport right now. Waiting for my flight back home, then connect to another flight to Singapore. I need to take my Dad for a health check up in Singapore hospital. Hopefully everything will be OK so I can be home soon and work on a real blogpost :p
Wish you all a great weekend ahead. Cheers !


  1. Awesome photo!!! Which part of Canada?

    1. Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Icefield. It's indeed an awesome place :)

  2. Oiii, that means you've seen the rockies :D
    I went there spring 2008, love it. Did you drive between Jasper and Banff? Breathtaking view isn't it! Still one of my favourite parts of the world (but yeah, I have many favourites :D)

    1. Stunning, breathtaking, beautiful until I can't find another words, lol. I'd really love love love to visit again :D


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