My Time Capsule: South Africa: Beautiful Cape Town


South Africa: Beautiful Cape Town

South Africa, December 2010

My South Africa journey came to an end, the last destination was Cape Town.
It's been said to be one of world's most beautiful cities, which I totally agree. I was instantly fall in love with this city. Cape Town is uniquely beautiful, it’s home to colourful characters from a cross-section of cultures and it has a fascinating history.
With the breathtaking view of Table Mountain which is towering 1085 metres above the city of Cape Town, Table Mountain is often covered with cloud known as the table cloth. This is how Table Mountain got its name.

Waterfront, Cape Town

beautiful Cape Town

Table Mountain without its table cloth

Camps Bay
I think she's blind :(

boat trip from  Hout Bay to Seal island 

hundreds of seals

it's sunbathing time ! :p

colourful toilet

huge portion of seafood platter for each person
After lunch we visited Boulder Beach which is very popular due to its inhabitants, a colony of some 3000 African Jackass penguins, a pair of penguins were first spotted at Foxy Beach in 1982 and the colony has steadily grown ever since.
They are very adorable creature, but nearby residents suffered as the birds invaded their gardens and were generally very noisy and messy.
Boulders still remains the only place in the world where people can actually swim amongst the penguins as they have continued to invade more beaches. They are remarkably untroubled by people but you should avoid harassing them by getting too close or chasing them. They have a vicious bite !!!

Boulder Beach

African Jackass Penguin

lovey dovey Penguin

Cape Point where Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet

Cape of Good Hope

sunset in Cape Town

South Africa was definitely one of my best trips. It's truly an amazing country where I experienced such great times there. From my dream Africa safari, had ox testicle for dinner and straddled an ostrich. I would really love to stay longer next time, to explore more its beautiful places.
I would not say "good bye".......I would rather say "till we meet again"!


  1. Gorgeous photos here. Haven't been to Cape Town in nearly 20 years. Fun looking back :)

    1. Thanks Sophie :) I miss Cape Town, it's indeed very beautiful

  2. havent got the chance to visit boulder beach. i will definitely will...

  3. I'm wondering if I could visit this place.
    But my family won't agree with me.
    Hahaha. Maybe I'll visit Africa after I've finished go around the world.

    1. hahaha....south Africa is actually safe.
      And it's one of most beautiful places I've ever been :)

  4. Anonymous27/4/14 14:38

    wow amazing


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