My Time Capsule: China: Survived the Dengue Fever


China: Survived the Dengue Fever

China, July 2010

The route was Indonesia - Singapore - HK - Yunnan - HK - Singapore - Indonesia.
It was supposed to be a fun holiday but the nightmare started just 1 day before departure date. 
I was diagnosed with dengue fever. I don't know why mosquitoes seems to love me too much. In 2009 I've also got dengue fever and typhoid fever that I have to stay in hospital for 9 days.
My doctor strongly advised to cancel my trip. But my stubborn Dad said that I've survived before and I will too this time :p

So there I was jetting off to HK  through Singapore. Then another nightmare came when we were in the airport, my sister started to feel sick. Later on we found out that she has also caught dengue fever.
Cool !!! my family starting the holiday with combo 2 dengue fever victims :(
So as soon as we arrived in HK, we were rushed to hospital to do another blood test. Then both of us had to stay on bed rest, until the day we were scheduled to fly to Yunnan.

Arriving in Yunnan, our condition were getting worse that we couldn't walk from suffering the bone and joint pain. At some point we couldn't breathe and feeling nauseous. So most of the times we sleep in the bus while others were doing sightseeing with the group.
Here are some pictures I managed to take when I was feeling better........

old town gate, Dali

Black Dragon Pool, Lijiang

Xinhua street, Lijiang old town

beautiful ancient town

Impression Lijiang show under Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Mom & Dad, the ropeway to Yak Meadow

tiny cabins without glass window, you can feel the wind and rain.....quite scary I would say

White water river, Lijiang

the dengue fever victim tried to smile :p

some Grannies playing Mah Jong

Stone Forest, Kunming

I didn't have any pictures of Hong Kong, unfortunately. But I was happy to stay at Swissotel the Stamford Hotel in Singapore. The view from our room balcony was breathtaking.

Singapore night view

Singapore day view

sunset in Singapore


  1. wonderful places. i like all of your photos.

  2. @ Loveforfood: Thanks. still learning the basic photography now :)

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  4. These photos are incredible!!! I'm sorry you were so sick through all of it though. AND thank you for the comment on my post as well. I always appreciate it!


  5. @koushik: thank you. Next time I will refer to your page to get airplane tickets :)

    @Digger: thanks for visiting my blog :D

  6. wow these photos so breath taking @___@ I really want to travel to all those places!

  7. beautiful scenery, but next time do be careful before going for vacation, mustnt let yourself to get sick.


  8. @Fish: thanks....I really have to avoid mosquitoes. They're small but very dangerous :(

  9. Salam kenal Sis....saya dpt link site kamu dr naked traveler...iseng buka dan ternyata blog kamu bagus dan hasil jepretan fotonya juga bagus2....suka baca kisah perjalanannya dan salut dengan usia masih muda sudah travel byk kota didunia

    1. Hi Fendy, makasih udah mampir di blog saya ya :)
      Kebetulan saya mempunyai orang tua yang travel junkie, jadi dari kecil udah tertular virus travelling dari mereka, hihihihi :p

  10. wonderful photos and places..
    kapan ya bisa ke China hihihi

  11. walupun lagi sakit...tetep senyum ya gk berubah...
    nice picture...


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