My Time Capsule: Review: Kemayangan Bali Restaurant


Review: Kemayangan Bali Restaurant

Kemayangan Bali is a new seafood peranakan restaurant that specialize in crab dishes.
They have "Black Crab", "Red Crab", "Yellow Crab", and "Green Crab" on the menu. Basically the differences are in the basic sauce.
This time I chose "Red Crab" over the others. And when it was served I was amazed to see how huge the crab was.

Red Crab
The sauce is sweet, salty, spicy and thickened with eggs. What a good mixture altogether. The crab meat is so fresh and crunchy. Soooo yummy.......I'm drooling now :p

Kemayangan Prawn
 Pan-fried prawns in garlic and chili sauce. To me it very much tastes like Bangkok chili sauce which is sweet, spicy, salty with a hint of tangy flavour.

Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf
This one is quite unique, because the banana leaf keeps the fish moist and creates very nice aroma.
It's served with 7 kinds of sambal (chili paste):

1. Matah, from Bali: shallots and chili
2. Dabu-dabu, from Manado:  tomato, garlic and chili
3. Gami, from Kalimantan: shallots and chili that's served hot
4. Bajak, from Banten: chili with some special herbs
5. Terasi, from Central Java: chili with shrimp paste
6. Kecap: soy sauce with chili slices
7. Jeruk, from West Java: chili with fresh orange

7 kind of sambals

Kemayangan Bali Restaurant
Jl. Merta Nadi No.86 Kuta, Bali
11 am - 10 pm (Tuesday Closed)
phone: 0361-764872

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  1. Aduh sumpah ngiler liat kepiting nya :)

    1. duhhh sama nih, aku udah lama ga makan kepiting gara2 kolestrol lagi tinggi, huhuhu


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