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This blog is mainly about my life and my journey around the globe.
I feel so lucky for having such amazing parent who love traveling and have always took me along since I was 1 year old. I had countless trips to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Dad used to visit both countries every 3 months for business. And we would stay there up to 1 month each trip. So I'm quite familiar with the area, people and culture.
Nowadays we only go to Hong Kong once every year to visit Granny's sister. And other time we prefer to visit countries that we haven't been to before. I really enjoy visiting new places that never failed to amaze me. Because for me every country is very unique and it's always good to see and learn new things.

Beside traveling, I also have a huge passion for food. I've always love food since I was a kid but it became more serious when I attended hotel school after highschool.
I graduated and got my diploma of European Culinary Arts from DCT Hotel School in Luzern, Switzerland and diploma of Superior Pâtisserie  from London Le Cordon Bleu, UK.
I really love anything about food. So I'll definitely share my culinary adventure.
And since blogging is very new to me.....please bear with me if I make mistake every now and then.


Some of my trips

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